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Honduras, Copan Ruins

Ahhh! Too many ruins!

HONDURAS | Thursday, 27 November 2008 | Views [282] | Comments [2]

Ahhh! Too many ruins!



I've been searching for a particular pyramid in Copan,
Honduras which looks like a medium sized, dark colored
(black maybe), with stones which seem strewn loosely into the general shape of a pyramid.
The picture you have in the Copan Ruins gallery with the comment " looks right out of the Jungle Book"
reminds me of the one I'm looking for.
The pyramid I'm looking for was featured in a NatGeo
article and was being excavated. The stone shell was a protection for the INNER smooth pyramid with protected glyphs, etc. There was actually a space between the inner pyramid and outer strewn stone shell wide enough for a man to walk around the inner pyramid.
NatGeo promised to follow up on the article but after years of searching for info on the discoveries there,
your photo is the ONLY pyramid resembling it. Was there
any evidence of such a shell?
I have a VERY STRONG suspicion that something of extreme importance was discovered and it is being hidden.

  Walt Wills Aug 25, 2009 3:56 PM



The photo was taken at the base of the temple of the inscriptions. The pyramid I think you are talking about is Temple 16, which has an original temple intact beneath it (the 'Rosalia' - look it up on Google), a replica of which has been built in the museum of sculpture at the site. At most Mayan sites we went to, the Mayans had build on top of intact previous structures after ritually decommissioning them, hence allowing archaeologists to gather a good history of the evolution of each site.

  rachel_and_daniel Aug 31, 2009 8:34 PM

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