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South America 2010! 8 Weeks in Chile! A Weekend in Argentina & possibly a visit to Brazil! Definitely the best start to 2010!

About rachadoll

I'm the kind of girl who will burst out laughing when It's least expected;
Eat ice-cream on the Coldest of days;
Watch some ridiculous show, coz I can't find the remote;
Say something that will brighten up the saddest person;
Love Those Who Need It Most =]

Caught the travel bug when i was 11 on my first flight oversea´s to Ireland, haven't been travelling again since i was 17!

Due to a huge love of shopping, red wine and Thai dinners! But i cut down! I  saved a little & im on the road again!

In Chile right now with my boyfriend for 8 weeks, luckily he grew up here otherwise i would be totally lost! I can count the amount of Spanish words i can say on one hand.

Oh dear, Lets hope this improves (maybe with the help of a glass of wine?

Having a ball already! & its only been 3 days! Fantabulous!!!

<3 xx

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