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It’s a flood out

INDONESIA | Tuesday, 3 July 2012 | Views [185]

Well life back on the mountain after being away for 7 weeks is bound to have something come up and make it a disaster. And you guessed it, it happened to us. Now I was out at the cafe having lunch with friends and Gobey came past to eat before heading to the house to get a coffee before work. He hadn’t been gone 5 minutes before he was calling to say I had to go home there was water in the kitchen and I needed to mop it up. So with that Gobey picked me up and took me home, to where I find the biggest puddle of water in the kitchen and he telling me that wasn’t that big 5 minutes ago. As we live on a slope all the water was heading to the back door. I opened the door to find water everywhere and coming from the maids room. I open the door only to be meeting by inches of water pissing through the light in the bathroom.  I call to Gobey and tell him all the ladies are across the hall and to tell Ina she has a leak. Everyone is running around trying to catch water, shift the water we have and get all our bags and boxes out of the maid’s room. Ina comes back and it’s not her house that is leaking. Damaris has checked her maids room to find that it also is in inches of water. Gobey hasn’t gone back to work and is now on the hunt to get into the apartment above Damaris as thats the only other place that the water must be coming from. As the apartment is empty, trying to get in is isn’t hard, which I found the easiest way to get in was through the window by removing the bug shield and pushing. The windows out here and so cheap, thats why we now have bars on all ours so no one can break in. Once we got inside the water was everywhere. FM had came in the morning to replace the dishwasher but hadn’t checked the water connections, so for the guts of 4 hours the water had been filling up ours and Darmis’s apartment. Talk about a bad Tuesday morning.

So after spending almost 3 hours cleaning up, mopping up and chucking out water it has finally stopped coming through the ceiling. Gobey hasn’t gone back to work. We are waiting on FM to arrive and see what damage they have caused, but I won’t be holding my breath.

When FM finally got to our house it turns out we need a new carpet, dishwasher and a fridge/freezer. The water had destroyed my maids room from the bathroom right though to my kitchen. Now we are on the middle floor and I would have hated to see what the place under us looked like. They were on leave and I don’t think FM would have been into their house to check it out.

But not to worry when FM finally arrive with my new dishwasher and fridge , we are now the coolest cats it town. Brand new quite dishwasher and the nicest, biggest fridge/freezer with built in ice maker (for both cubed and crushed) and a water filter. No one else we know has these new machines. We are very lucky to get this.  Our small apartment is staying to look like our home, well the good fridge anyway. Now we can’t wait to have friends over to show off.

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