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KL EXSPRES , Sunday Feb. 4 , 2008

MALAYSIA | Monday, 4 February 2008 | Views [690]

Selamat Datang to the first edition of the asian travel exspres . Bruddy good noos and cheap cheap 4 u . Well nd truly settled in to the first stop on tis little asian sojourn . Once i got over the sensory overload and slept for pipteen hours its been smooth sailing . I am quite enjoyin KL as it seems like an easy place to transfer from western life to the eastern ways of crazt SE asia .

Crossing the road is enough fun for a day in itself cause if you wait for the little green man to appear ... 1 , it does not make a difference if he is green or red , no one seems to stop anyway , and 2 its interesting to stand and watch the little green man as he actally moves... yep he walks and as his time runs out he gets quicker and starts to run ! farnny farnny ... gotta keep a look out for the motorbikes too , duckin and weavin traffic with cigarettes hangin out there chops . too right , they smoke cigarettes while they ride , well they pretty much smoke while they do anyting and everyting ..and they wear their jackets backwards .. bruddy good tinkin i spose as you get the protection while gettin some airflow through the back door .

Pretty good at their adaptation they are , although i am not sure about the old chicken porridge for breakfast , i am sure it tastes great but it seems to me there is a long list of oher delicasies to explor before i have to jump into a bowl of east meets west at such an early hour of the day . The food here , as i had been told is nothin short of exceptional . Just today i was in chinatown and came across a stall that was stenching out a whole corner of the market with a thick curry smell ... being chinatown it could only mean one thing ... Laksa ! and bruddy good it was too . RM 4.50 ( about RM 2.75 to 1 AUD , so just under $2 i suppose ) got me a steaming bowl of thick laksa soup drowning tasty fat egg noodles , yummy dumplings and  think the best silken tofu i think i have ever tasted . I have had silken tofu before but it seemed like it just belonged in this bowl . The stall was small with about 6 tables , run by what looked like a couple of teenagers who seemed to be brother and sister . Then at the back there was grandpa laksa , who looked after the dishes and drinks , and was surely ressponsible for the herbs , spices and chunks of star anise i found at the bottom of my broth . He was also kind enough to issue me with a fat mug of steamin chinese tea for RM1 ... bruddy cheap cheap ... 

I guess selling kitchens to Malaysians for their homes , would be much like selling ice to the eskimos too . They dont need to cook when you can get such good cheap food at the end of every street . Yesterday i went to a street around the corner that comes alive at night with food stalls , lights and of course a hungry hungry population of residents . Admittedly i spent my first day just wandering and observing the best approach to tuckin into one of these stalls for some grub , and once i did , there is no holding back . RM3 gets you a monster plate or rice and you are left to find room for whtever tickles your fancy from the vast aray of usually about 10 or so dishes that have been prepared prior to the hungry mobs arrival ... lots of asian veges , soft or crunchy style tofu ,tasty mushrooms , yummy cabbage style dishes and of course chicken in about 4 ways ... you can pretty much get food all day but i chose to wait till rush hour so its easier to spot the busy stalls that obviously are enjoyed by the people who know best . Well i am sure i could go on about every meal and i would surely be here long enough to get me through to my next culinary adventure and would have for sure , if not already , made you keen for some bruddy good tucka yourself ...

Stay tuned for some more gripping stories from your numba 1 KL EXSPRES journo in the very near future .. will get some pics up for you too ... nothin special as the professional photographer does not arrive till tomorrow ... Big love , sunshine and smiles to you all .  

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