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19th Dec

FRANCE | Wednesday, 19 Dec 2007 | Views [534]

Went out last night - pretty shit, didn't want to drink too much so we were asked to leave! went back home, went to QUICK - ate far too many fattening food miam miam this morning it took us forever to get up. Went shopping a bit - to H&M. i had ... Read more >

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18th Dec: OMG internet access!

FRANCE | Tuesday, 18 Dec 2007 | Views [630]

guys! i have internet access! it's free! Although it's pretty poor quality.. each page takes forever to load, no conversations for me! But a good chance to fill you in. This hotel is very pretty, we're on the 6th floor - but the lift only goes ... Read more >

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15th Dec: NOT doing our presentation

FRANCE | Saturday, 15 Dec 2007 | Views [506]

This morning I got up at 8.30, went down to breakie… I had 3 rolls with heaps of butter! Fattening! Then we eventually got ready, ana and I went to find quick. Took forever! First went to Marcel Sembat – only macdo. Then Billancourt – only ... Read more >

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13th Dec: Sylvia, le Vieux Montmartre, McFlurry

FRANCE | Thursday, 13 Dec 2007 | Views [1106]

This morning started off not too good. Sylvia told about half of our group that she was changing the "be ready" time from 9.15am to 8.15am. Through some word-of-mouth, most people got the message. From the people who didn't get the message ... Read more >

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11th Dec: Umm

FRANCE | Tuesday, 11 Dec 2007 | Views [389]

hey guys. really can't remember what we did this morning... oh wait, now i can! we went to a cemetary! The Pere Laichasse cemetary. Relatively famous - it must be if it has its own metro! very cold... i was particularly more cold because ... Read more >

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Day Five: Unexpected twists and gloves

FRANCE | Friday, 30 Nov 2007 | Views [558] | Comments [3]

Bonjour tout le monde! i am at my desk, about to drink some of the lovely cheap alcohol an and i bought at the "supermarché" which is actually a "hypermarché" but the name is "hyperchampion!". I also bought a packet ... Read more >

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