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18th Dec: OMG internet access!

FRANCE | Tuesday, 18 December 2007 | Views [733]

sitting on the steps of sacre-coeur listening to a busker with a microphone

sitting on the steps of sacre-coeur listening to a busker with a microphone

guys! i have internet access! it's free! Although it's pretty poor quality.. each page takes forever to load, no conversations for me! But a good chance to fill you in. This hotel is very pretty, we're on the 6th floor - but the lift only goes up to the fifth floor! oh no! also, the lady very rudely informed us that it was impoli to bring food into a hotel - we went out while we were waiting for our room to be ready, grabbed some food - and "this is not a youth hostel". RUDE!

Um yeah... so ana and i have food anyway, and we're just locking it in our suitcases when the maids come in to clean the room. Also, you're forbidden to wash your clothes here. Both of these rules are "for reasons of hygiene". But then the patron of the hotel has a HUGE big brown male dog called Caramel and he wonders around the hotel... even in the breakfast room. Hmmmm

Ana reckons this is because of trying to encourage us to fuel local industry - cafés etc - but i think they're making the maids work less, and are mean tight-arse administrations.

Um yeah... i bought FOUNDATION. oh, my god. i know, we can all have a heart-attack together: i've never had foundation ever! worn it like twice... wow. Ana helped me pick it - i'm shit at being able to tell what colours are good.

Also bought a little sock for my mobile... that way it won't get even more scratched than it already is.

MOBILES in paris are so cheap! there is this really cool-looking modern mobile: only 69 euro! that's like $120 aussie dollars.. you could not get such a phone for such a cheap price in australie!

I only have 100 euro left (already paid my share of the accomodation). I'm going to go crazy - be stingy with the amount of money i spend on food - there are heaps of beautiful little boutique food shops, boulangeries etc here - so gorgeous - i love this place, could buy a hosue here - so we can eat cheap. Also able to go home at lunch! LOVE living in paris! I've put $400 aussie dollars in my aussie bank acount.. if i run out of cash, i'll just pay the $10 in processing fees commonwealth bank charges me and use that.. i don't care... only a few days in paris left - gonna go wild!

also, elizabeth golden age is here in english with french soustitres... YEY. going to see it with ana tomorrow night.

loving paris, i don't want to go home!

if it weren't for jed, i don't think i would. mummy loves her baby!

PS: please put him on a diet. i don't want to be the mean person starving him. One carrot and hay should be enough - stop feeding him pellets - give him as much hay as he wants, hay is best for him.


LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE PARIS! I'm so going to buy a little appartment here when i'm rich... come here for holidays when it's hot in australia... too hot in australia! I could chase the winter... :D

love paris!

um i already said that.

also love Milka caramel chocolat!

and olive bread - ana and i bought a loaf each this morning - ate it all - very nice! tell yiayia that putting both black and green olives in it - and HEAPS of olives - tastes really nice!

don't want to leave.

bye now!!! we're going to walk up the stairs at sacre coeur again... exercise, since i ate two family-sized blocks of chocolate this morning, as well as my loaf of bread :O

love paris! bye!

PS: later, 4.15pm:

We went around, looked at some pretty shops. Before, the Nanny was in French on tv. Now Xena: La Guerriere is on! Whoot!

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