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15th Dec: NOT doing our presentation

FRANCE | Saturday, 15 December 2007 | Views [612]

This morning I got up at 8.30, went down to breakie… I had 3 rolls with heaps of butter! Fattening!

Then we eventually got ready, ana and I went to find quick. Took forever! First went to Marcel Sembat – only macdo. Then Billancourt – only macdo. Lined up at macdo – they wouldn’t make burgers without the meat for ana. We lined up for like 20 minutes! We then left, decided to get off at Franklin at the Champs Elysées. Got off, found quick! HUGE line (same as Macdo), got club au trios frommages, and a mix mania with smarties and chocolate topping.

Had to wait forever for my 3 frommages… annoying.

Met ana upstairs (there is three levels to that store) ate it all very quickly – cheese thing very nice. Ana got a 3 frommages meal, with a small pack of wedges – in quick, called “rustiques”, in Macdo called “deluxe potatoes”.

Then we felt like more so went to Macdo on the CE just down the road!! Whoo! Again long line, was going to get McFlurry, but the machine broke! So I got a large wedges, ana a small – ana ended up getting about the same amount as me! We then ate those with ketchup… couldn’t find a table, just sat down on a group of stool/chair things. 

Then went around a bit… I bought a chocolat macaron from Paul’s. We jumped into a few stores… went to Virgin Megastore looking for KK presents. (which I keep calling Krispy Kremes). Ana found a nice little phone book, going to get everyone to put their contact details on it, maybe write a message, and also get some chocolate. Good idea. We went to a section which is supermarket - yummy food! 

Then I ate the macaron. It wasn’t fantastic. I feel fat.

At the Virgin Megastore I bought haaarrry pottair!  Whoo! It was E26.50 – expensive, but fuck it! I’ve really been feeling like reading recently, sitting down with a good story, not too hard to read, some good fun. I also thought that I would want to buy Harry Potter in French – so I did! Whoo! I’m really looking forward to just sitting down and reading it. It was pretty shit at the start I remember, but the last fight with Voldemort was epic. 

I love shopping. Spending money gives me this happy glee. I’m very happy at the moment – loving everything – don’t worry that will descend into nervous wreck when we have to give this presentation tomorrow morning.

Also, I love French MTV.

Um yeah, then we went home! We’re home now… we arrived at around 3.30pm! And the presentation is not done! Naughty girls. We saw Sarah Gemma and Jessye leaving when we arrived back home. Oh well. It was a good day.

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