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16th Dec: Moral of the story? Ana and i rock. And i don't like wine

FRANCE | Sunday, 16 December 2007 | Views [640] | Comments [1]

We just did our presentations this morning. And it is a fact well-established, but i feel the need to repeat: ana and i rock.

Last night's performance (we're all doing our presentations at different times... four groups did it last night) was a mixed bag. The first off the cap was Vi and... I've forgotten who was with Vi. Maybe Maddy? Anyway, they sat down, and kinda read their presentation, and didn't speak very loudly. Sylvia was hideously tactless - shaking her head, not bothering to ask them a question at the end of it, coudln't even think of something nice to say at the end.

Then was Katheryne and Duncan, Mr Calous-I'll-do-anything-to-get-ahead, and Ms Laura Cochrane. I like Katheryne better than Duncan - i think she has a soul.

Anyway, their presentation was good - Sylvia kept on making huge "mmm hmmm" sounds and nodding enthusiastically, making little cries of joy when they pulled out a quote.


Also, Duncan wore a suitshirt. We bagged the shit out of him.

So at about 10pm at night Ana and i were seized with a desire to do well. We stayed up until midnight, fixing things going through it etc. I stayed up a little later adjusting the slides - i really enjoy the part of the job which means choosing when the slide should be shown, and what it has on it etc.

But then i wanted to read some Harry Potter - i need some kind of distraction from reality to sleep - and then i read about a page and forced myself to sleep.

Then we woke up early - 7am - went down to breakfast, the woman was absolutely shocked that we were there - even though breakfast starts at 7.30am, apparently on sunday the first person shows up at 8, earliest. Me and ana had breakie with the oldies - Denise, Wayne, and James - and then we went and prepared our speech a bit more.

I put on a shirt - channelling Duncan - and we did it at 9.30. I have so much fun making speeches! I was grinning like an idiot during it... i don't know what's so fun about it, but i do enjoy it.

Each speech is meant to lat 20 minute, maximum 30 - we did just over 20, when we feared we'd go way over, so that's good.

The people after us - James and Denise - started at 9.55am and then didn't finish until 10.55am! a WHOLE hour. wow.

So yeah, i came back to my room.

Ana's found out who is my kris kringle, and apparently amanda told them to get me wine! Thank god ana set them on the right track.

I actually have a feeling it's Duncan, because i saw him leave for the supermarket just before (but he left only 30 minutes before the supermarket closes!). I hope he gets good chocolate. I don't like nuts.

Mmmmm maybe he'll get maltesers.... mmmmmm

Anyway, i've eaten too much already, want to get dressed up special tonight - silver dress whooo! - but it's going to be freezing - it's about zero degrees today (:O), and tonight we're going on a boat, which is not sheltered, and on the Seine... wow, we're going to die. But we're also having a 'farewell' dinner, so i want to look good for that. Hmmmm

Mum had the idea of wearing a shirt underneath, since i don't have a skivvy.

I saw jed! Mama's boy is getting a bit fat. And my mum keeps on jiggling him around like he's a stuffed animal.

Can't wait until i have my baby back in my arms.

Mum: now you suggested it, i will be very upset if you don't sneak Jed into the airport.

Still loving French MTV... whoo!

going to pack my bag now, also maybe wash another pair of jeans


Oh, and finally: this is either my last or second last post. I don't have net access for a week. But please do send me emails - i will be able to check - but not enough to write my blog.

See you all back in Melbourne! I'm going to miss the cold here...


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Nicci, thanks for a wonderful magical history tour. Enjoy your free week.
Joyeux Noel, see you soon. Lots of love aunty j and the three men.

  aunty j Dec 17, 2007 11:00 AM

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