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Nick and Laina's Adventures


ARGENTINA | Saturday, 20 December 2008 | Views [1160] | Comments [4]

Me at Iguassu Falls

Me at Iguassu Falls

Iguazú falls National Park is a true adventure of a park. Upon entering the trail to main falls you are already in rainforest with a walkway suspended about 15 feet over the ground. As you walk there are many openings where you are walking over the RIo Iguazú and are able to look down into the reletively clear water. Coming closer to the falls, I look over the left side of the walk way and there is an Alligator in the water! I got very exctied. I tdidnt think it was a crocodile, but it might have been. I could hear the thunder of the fall from about 2 minutes walk away from the lookover. There is alot of mist coming up out of the hole, that you can see from the side we are at, the Argentinian side. Coming up to the falls, it is a zoo of people trying to take pictures, and they are not all polite people. Iguazú falls is a combination of many falls in the shape of large U and then there are more falls areound the corner. The argentine side has a walkway that goes straight over the falls, and a very large park that goes through rainforest. Iguazú is also taller than niagra, but only 30% the volume. The fact that you are in this dense rainforest and then come out to the magnificent fall is the most spectacular part of the whole falls. From this side, I can see the Brasilian side, further away, but with a nice view of the falls in its entirety. ITs hard to describe the impressiveness of the falls, so you are going to hVave to wait until i can upload the photos! We spent the rest of the day walking in the forest. It is soo hot here, I almost got heat exhaustion. IT is extremely humid, and around 90 degrees I think. There are many pretty birds who are trying to steal my food, and then there were also small racoon like creatures, called Coati, and they also tried to steal our lunch! The Coati looks like a raccon with badger claws, and a pig like nose. Look it up on google, they look cool. Around 5 oclock we called it a day, we were very hot and exhausted. THe next morning, we got our bus tickets to Rosario, Argentina, which didnt leave until 5 in the afternoon, and decicded to see the town of Puerto Iguazu for the day. We quickly discovered there is not much to see, and then headed to the internet cafe, whee we met to Kiwi's(new zealanders) Who were very nice, and since their bus didnt leave until 5 :45 we all headed out for a midday beer, and some food. Good conversation, some food, and 7 liters of Cervesa Imperial later, We walked back into the hot sun, headed to the bus station and caught our 18 hour bus to Rosario. THe bus ride was not that good. Too long, barley any food, too many stops, an hour late... thats enough complaining. Coming into Rosario was great, we met up with an old friend who visited us in Hawaii, and now we will stay with him for 10 days! One of the first things he said to us: " we are in for a very busy weekend!" Sweet!




From looking at this map it kind of seems the lay of the land and roads are flat..is that the case or is it mountainous? The road map looks like a spider web or like a large metropolitan area. How do you compare the Argentinians to the Brazilians? Have a great weekend. We have snow on the ground and more on the way..should be a white Christmas. Love Dad

  jim dunn Dec 21, 2008 4:28 AM


Hi Nick & Laina,

Love reading about your South American adventures and the great fun. Like Pat, I am also living vicariously through your detailed, well written journal.

I expect to see a demonstration of the Samba, and then have a Samba lesson, the next time I see you two. Add to that the Tango which I am sure you will view and learn while in Argentina. Laina, don't forget the rose between your teeth.


Merry Christmas & A Happy & Healthy New Year!

Mary Ann, Your Cousin from the East

  Mary Ann Dec 21, 2008 8:41 AM


Hey Nick and Laina,
I'm enjoying reading up on your travels. Can't wait to see the photos, although I can read your words and clearly see what you describe. You should know that it has snowed for three days straight up here in the Boston area. I've gotten about 12" of snow since Friday afternoon and it will continue to snow throughout tonight (Sunday). It makes me think of you on the other side of the hemisphere, enjoying summer.
I received notification in the mail that my passport has been issued and I would receive it in a separate mailing, so it looks like you'll be seeing me in Peru come April. I am really looking forward to seeing you both and hearing your stories in person. Love you, Uncle Don Check out the videos of the latest snow fall on my Facebook page

  Uncle Don Dec 22, 2008 5:39 AM


Hi Nick and Laina,

I am sitting here with your mom and Holly and reading some of your info...what a great trip...though seems to be eating, drinking and sleeping along with some sightseeing is the agenda for the day.

I took a boat trip up the river out of Buenos Aires and the water along the shore of the river and the ocean was also very muddy...not so appealing for swimming.

Are you going to head down into Patagonia...and when....it is amazing country and I have pictures of myself there in DEC with big down parkas on...so you won't be complaining about the heat.

Have a great trip and it is fun keeping up with your adventures.



  Karen Snyder Dec 27, 2008 9:46 AM

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