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Nick and Bec's Big Trip Starting on the 29th of June 2008 Bec and I will be starting a year long adventure, spending 6 months in Africa and another 6 months in South America. It should be lots of fun.

Spitskoppe, Etosha, Okavango and now Chobe

BOTSWANA | Sunday, 3 Aug 2008 | Views [1019] | Comments [2]

Bec and I are in Kasane, Botswana.  We have been busy since I last wrote.  From Swakopmund we tavelled to Cape Cross to see a seal colony, then Spitskoppe, Etosha National Park, then into Botswana for the Okavango Delta and now Chobe National Park.  ... Read more >

Cape Town township tour and Namibia!

NAMIBIA | Wednesday, 23 Jul 2008 | Views [432] | Comments [2]

Were are now in Namibia, Swakopmund to be precise.  This is a small town on the west coast of the African continent, sandwiched between desert and sea. Here are a couple for extracts from my hand written journal from the last few days: 21st July. ... Read more >

Elephants and Zip-Lines

SOUTH AFRICA | Wednesday, 16 Jul 2008 | Views [302] | Comments [4]

We are now in Cape Town and it does feel strange after spending two weeks under canvas and sitting around a camp fire.  I now realise I smell of smoke and probably look quite grubby. Since the last entry we have been busy!  We spent the 10th of July ... Read more >

Zulus everywhere, thousands of 'em

SOUTH AFRICA | Thursday, 10 Jul 2008 | Views [441] | Comments [4]

1st post of the big trip.  We are currently in Grahams Town, South Africa restocking the truck with supplies.  To describe what we have done already would take an eternity, certainly longer than I have Rand to pay for it.  Here is the very short and ... Read more >

It is 9:05pm, packing is finished, it is time for bed

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 28 Jun 2008 | Views [237] | Comments [2]

Well the final day is nearly over.  We leave for Jo'burg tomorrow.  The flight is at 10am, so we are off to the airport early tomorrow morning.  It is strange to think that the trip is finally here and starts for real in a few hours time.  One more sleep.... Read more >

T-Minus 5 Days and Counting...

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 24 Jun 2008 | Views [234]

Last Friday the removal men came and packed and loaded and took all our stuff away.  The next time we will see it will be in over a year and in a different country. We also moved out of 66 Centennial Avenue after living there for three and a half years.... Read more >

Work has finished, bring on the packing

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 15 Jun 2008 | Views [268] | Comments [2]

Bec and I both finished work on Friday; things are really moving along now.  On Saturday, we had our farewell party in Lane Cove National Park (no elephant sightings so far) and we have just been to see Indiana Jones to get us into the mood. Tommorrow ... Read more >

I am a human pin cushion

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 2 Jun 2008 | Views [266] | Comments [1]

This Thursday is my last jab and then I am all set to tackle nearly every disease known to man.  This week it is Hepatitis A&B, the last of 3 three jabs.  I know, 3 jabs doesn't qualify me for a human pin cushion, but wait there's more.  I have ... Read more >

Nick getting used to blogging...

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 26 May 2008 | Views [366]

Ok, here goes.  So this is how it works.  Nick types and words appear.  Ok, tonight's plan is dinner, followed by packing and/or tele! More another day.

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