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My name is Kseniya and I'm from Russia. The city I live in is called Yekateinburg. It is the 4th biggest city in all the country and is located in the border between Europe and Asia. This region has rich history, but it is somehow difficult to reach some other places from here - as far as Yekat (that's we call it here :)) is in the middle of Russia.

A couple of words about me - I'm 25 years old and I speak 4,5 languages - Russian is my native language, English, German, Czech and a little - Swedish.

Some years ago I studied in Brno (CR) where could learn the Czech language and travel not only there, but also in Germany and Austria. I've been also to Latvia and Lithuania. Which country is my favourite one? Hm, I think it is Czech because I got amazing experience in travel and all in all in life while being there. I really like european culture and would like to visit other countriues close to it, especially Poland, Slovakia and Hungary.

Other travel dreams of mine are Svalbard, Mongolia, Australia and a lot of other places all around the world. I hope, that I will visit all of them during my life :)

And now I offer you to visit my small travel journal and to read something about my experience in travelling. I hope you will enjoy it ;)

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