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The cat who sold the ice-cream

LITHUANIA | Tuesday, 2 June 2015 | Views [434]

The cat who sold the ice

The cat who sold the ice

There are so many stories about cats of Rome and Istanbul! Every time I try to find something about cats via Google, I find out a lot of cats - grey, brown, black, with big eyes and slanting eyes, eyes colored green and yellow... And no one, it seems to me, has written anything about cats of Lithuania. I am a big cat-lover and always miss my cat when I'm on the road or business-trip. I always try to visit my friends abroad - those who have cats, or special places as cat-cafe... But when I visited Lithuania all these habits went wrong. Because... there are so many cats! Of course I can't compare their number to Italy and Turkey and even to the cat island in Japan 'cause I've never been there. Anyway, this country takes the 1st place in "Cats". That's my personal rating :)

The first cat I saw in Vilnius crossed the back yard of the hotel holding a mouse or a small bird in his teeth. The second cat met me on the next day when I was walking in the park in search of Vilnius TV-tower. He was dirty and looked not so happy. He said "Meow" - as if he was laughing at me. And he was right. I didn't manage to find the tower on that day. The only one amazing thing I did on that day was finding a big snail... I met next two cats in the evening of the same day - near the hotel again. The one was shouting at the other protecting his territory. 

Later on, in Trakai, I saw a cat with a collar. That was the cat who sold the ice-cream.

The fifth - again in Vilnius, this time a cat owned his cafe for people. Yes, exactly this way: he was sitting on a chair and washing, and people were sitting at the next table and drinking coffee.

Klaipeda amazed me most of all. When I was waiting for a ferry to get to Curonian Spit and the Baltic Sea I counted... of course, cats! I counted 7 cats in 5 minutes... There were black kittens, big black cats and so on, and so on.

It is always good if you have a cat near you. All of the cats I've described here did some useful work: sold ice-cream, protected their territory of another cats or mice, laughed at me (if this can be called "work":)), were just lying on the sand and protected their Klaipeda harbor of mice and, probably, people. And all this is without street artists selling pictures with cats and statues making your dreams come true (if you touch its tail or whatever else). 

I think that every cat described in this story deserves to have his or her own fairy tale. I think, I'll do it one day - many-many stories of these cats. And every cat over there will be happy.


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