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Fungus, Parasites and Bugs - Oh My!

BELIZE | Wednesday, 12 September 2007 | Views [2237] | Comments [1]

I believe I have intestinal worms - along with a fungal infection in my right ear, and a plethora of bites, scraps and bruises from the village. It all started with what I thought was a simple ear infection. I swim in the sea every weekend, so it makes sense that I would get one (I’m the queen of ear infections, ask anyone) the first doctor gave me amoxicillin and Tylenol for a week. A week later, the second doctor gave me Cephelexin ( a stronger antibiotic) and naproxen, again, for a week. My last doctor I saw during Hurricane Felix told me that I did not have an infection, but a fungus in my ear. This explains why the pain pills and antibiotic didn’t work, I needed an anti-fungal medicine. However, with the hurricane coming labs could not reach Belize City to determine what type of fungus I have.

Here I am almost 4 weeks later with the same itching and pain that I have had since Hurricane Dean, that’s TWO hurricanes ago!

I can’t do much for the bites and bruises, except to use aloe and Benadryl. The parasites or intestinal worms will be ‘flushed out’ with a single dosage of Albenzenol, the worm medicine we hand out to the villagers like candy every time they visit.


 Oh the fun I have in the Jungle!

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Hi Megan, I will try again to let you know how very proud we are of you. The last time my message just disappeared from the screen. You are my hero, I would have loved to do what you are doing. When I was 21 I had 3 kids and a husband to keep me busy and no time left for me. Don't get me wrong kids and husbands and home are very important to me and to the world. But you are making a differance in so many peoples lives and you will never be forgotten because of it. I love you and am so proud to be your Grandmother. G MA Phyllis

  Phyllis Laster-Hartwick Sep 19, 2007 5:52 AM

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