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Passing through... We travel, initially, to lose ourselves; and we travel, next, to find ourselves--Pico Iyer---Passing through from Europe to Africa to Asia to Oceania etc.& back again! 9 mos. of dreaming and exploring!

Trip: Vietnam

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VIETNAM | Sunday, 14 Apr 2013 | Photo Gallery

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Day Trip to the Mekong Delta

VIETNAM | Sunday, 14 Apr 2013 | Views [408]

What a great day! And there was no 'Douchebag' bus or guide this time!! Our guide was sensational! On the morning bus ride he whipped out his guitar and sang for us! And he was good! He also had a great, witty sense of humor and was always throwing ... Read more >

Ho Chi Minh City

VIETNAM | Saturday, 13 Apr 2013 | Views [235]

Our time in Ho Chi Minh was pleasant and relaxing. Maybe a bit too relaxing, as we started to get a bit lazy about planning trips, lounging in the pool! We are starting to miss the comforts of home so our base in HCMC was becoming a little too comfortable ... Read more >

Halong Bay

VIETNAM | Wednesday, 10 Apr 2013 | Views [798]

I am backtracking a bit with this post. I meant to write this about a week ago but never got to it. Now I hope I don’t miss some ‘fun facts’ of the trip! I always mean to write as I go but sometimes it is just impossible! Ok so here ... Read more >


VIETNAM | Tuesday, 9 Apr 2013 | Views [542]

We arrived in Hanoi (by train from Da Nang) at 330pm. The train ride was comfortable but I realized after India I was really done with trains for a while....the constant stop & go from station to station was just starting to get to me. Nonetheless, ... Read more >

Da Nang & Hoi An

VIETNAM | Sunday, 7 Apr 2013 | Views [5574]

We decided to only spend a day in Da Nang/Hoi An. Mind you, this is a place that some people spend a week. We knew we wanted to get up to Hanoi fairly soon since we had spent a bit too long in Nha Trang, so we only really left a day for Hoi An. Just ... Read more >

'Jungle Beach'

VIETNAM | Friday, 5 Apr 2013 | Views [1294]

Our few days at Jungle Beach were fantastic! We found such a gem ! We wanted to stay for a few weeks, not days! With frequent stops, it took us about 2 hours to get to the place from Nha Trang. But it was a pleasant drive—through small villages, ... Read more >

Nha Trang

VIETNAM | Tuesday, 2 Apr 2013 | Views [584]

Our first adventure in Vietnam began when we almost missed our train in the morning. We thought the train was leaving at 650AM, so we thought arriving around 630 would be a good idea. When we arrived we walked up to the ticket counter and asked for a ... Read more >

Vietnam ...

VIETNAM | Monday, 1 Apr 2013 | Views [269]

Love at first sight. After over a month in India, we were ecstatic to be going to Vietnam. We assumed we would like the place more than the chaos of India. We were right! We are both lovers of Vietnamese food (there is nothing like it) and I feel safer ... Read more >