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Frozen Toes What is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?


NETHERLANDS | Wednesday, 8 Oct 2014 | Views [299] | Comments [1]

Is this like a panaderia?  A lavendaria?  Is there any explanation needed?


COLOMBIA | Thursday, 6 Feb 2014 | Views [372]

Villa de Leyva, Colombia.  What word is better than 'enchanting'?  Walking through the square happens slowly, as the unevenness of the rocks forces me to look where I step at all times.  Steps that lead into shops are covered with ammonites ... Read more >

From 'Hostile' to Hostel

COLOMBIA | Sunday, 26 Jan 2014 | Views [494]

I arrived in Santa Marta excited about where I would lay my head for the night, not necessarily because I was tired, but because of where I was going to stay!  This hostel is an old drug cartel house which the owner graciously showed me around. ... Read more >

Photos: Hostel (not Hostile) Drug Cartel House

COLOMBIA | Sunday, 26 Jan 2014 | Photo Gallery

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Bogota-Day 1 and Still Kicking!!

COLOMBIA | Wednesday, 22 Jan 2014 | Views [318]

I landed in Bogota late last night and 'they' say there are 2 types of bags: carry-on and lost. Mine was the latter. Luckily I got it back this morning when I was out and about searching out a way to call the airlines. No more trusting ... Read more >

Photos: Burma

MYANMAR | Monday, 28 Jan 2013 | Photo Gallery

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Mandal'YAY' or Mandal'NAY'????

MYANMAR | Sunday, 13 Jan 2013 | Views [326]

After much pondering, gobs of glitches and oodles of self-encouragement, the answer is Mandal'YAY' to head to Mandalay and points beyond!!!! 'This is Burma.  It is quite unlike any place you know about', said Rudyard Kipling, and I'm ready to ... Read more >

Somewhere in Thailand

THAILAND | Saturday, 19 Apr 2008 | Views [566] | Comments [3]

Just to let you know.....hanging out on Ko Phi Phi on the Andaman Sea.  My bungalow is 77 steps to the beach and then another 14 steps to the water (at high tide).  Enjoying mangosteens (easy to eat a kilo of those), pineapple, papaya salad, and zippy ... Read more >

Soaking Up Songkram

THAILAND | Tuesday, 15 Apr 2008 | Views [550]

Songkram.  The Thai New Year.  A hot time of year when you're soaked with sweat, anyway!  All sweat is washed away as the city participates in one big 3 day waterfight.  I just happen to be in Bangkok for 2 of these days!  Groups of young and old line ... Read more >

Kicked in the Pants by the Mangosteen

THAILAND | Thursday, 10 Apr 2008 | Views [588]

As many of you know, I returned from Antarctica, Patagonia and Buenos Aires refreshed and feeling "Wowed" by it all.  I have been back for 6 weeks or so and although my time here has been wonderful, it is time to head out again.     I had ... Read more >

Gallery: Antarctica

ANTARCTICA | Saturday, 1 Mar 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Patagonia

ARGENTINA | Sunday, 10 Feb 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Swimming in Antarctica

ANTARCTICA | Saturday, 2 Feb 2008 | Views [590]

     We sail through Neptune´s Bellows..the inlet leading to Desolation Island...a collapsed volcanic cone (it last erupted in 1969) that is a natural harbor.  Excitement fills the air at lunch as we anticipate our swim in the Antarctic waters!  We grab ... Read more >

Tags: Beaches & sunshine

Terra Firma

ANTARCTICA | Saturday, 2 Feb 2008 | Views [647]

Enchanting.  Cold.  Amazing.  Rainy.  Pure.  Snowy.  Windy.  Incredible.  Just wanted to let you all know that the rocking and rolling on the Drake Passage is over and I´m back in Patagonia.  Antarctica is amazing and I´ll be adding pieces of my journal ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures


ANTARCTICA | Friday, 11 Jan 2008 | Views [546] | Comments [2]

     Excitement has now edged out anxiety as I have just met many of the people on my boat.  I am rooming with two women from Spain (I think I am destined to improve my Spanish on this trip), a woman from France, and a woman from Holland.  We are in ... Read more >

Tags: Adrenaline

One of My Favorites

ANTARCTICA | Friday, 11 Jan 2008 | Views [444]

For scientific discoveries, give me Scott.  For speed and efficiency, give me Amundson.  But when disaster strikes and all hope is gone, get down on your knees and pray for Shackleton!  I´m VERY excited this morning and hope for Scott and Amundson!

Tags: Adventures

Al Fin del Mundo

ARGENTINA | Thursday, 10 Jan 2008 | Views [477]

Ushuaia.  What is known by many as the end of the world.  I have spent 6 days here.  I don´t need to grab my jacket at night because night comes at midnight.  Lupine in many colors bloom wild; what an amazing gift in this chilly place!  Sharp, dark mountains ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures


ANTARCTICA | Thursday, 10 Jan 2008 | Views [443] | Comments [1]

I recently shared some of my feelings about my Antarctic voyage with some of you.  I TOTALLY appreciate your feedback...advice about everything from being sure I tie in, to doing everything the Captain says, to facts like ¨the Loch Ness Monster has been ... Read more >

Tags: Adrenaline


ANTARCTICA | Thursday, 10 Jan 2008 | Views [490] | Comments [1]

I wiggle with excitement as I read about and anticipate my Antarctic journey.  I´m so looking forward to every aspect of this experience.  When I read the logbook, it makes it SO real!   I saw the ship in the harbor for the first time last night.  It ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures

Gallery: Argentina

ARGENTINA | Thursday, 10 Jan 2008 | Photo Gallery

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