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Continuing South

Sunday, 4 Oct 2009 | Views [496]

York: Gently undulating mottled brown moors pass seemingly endlessly by the windows of the car. Easily can I imagine a plain and little Jane Ayre coming along a road such as the one we’re on now, though perhaps not quite so sealed, until her funds ... Read more >

Tags: on the road, york

Castles, castles, castles!

Friday, 2 Oct 2009 | Views [491]

One of the significant things about our adventure has been that we’ve been able to visit sites that have been significant to us in terms of literature, art and film as well as those significant historically.  Today was a cool day for this.... Read more >

Tags: castles, edinburgh castle

Haggis, Edinburgh and Happy Birthdays!!

Thursday, 1 Oct 2009 | Views [384]

I definitely feel twenty-four. Twenty-four seemed old a couple of weeks ago, but now I think I definitely feel twenty-four. I think it’s a good age. A good point in my life and a good, strong age. Edinburgh was a fricking sweet place to spend my birthday.... Read more >

Continuing North

Wednesday, 30 Sep 2009 | Views [376]

Today we drove further north to Hadrian’s Wall. We actually hit a less-preserved region I think because there wasn’t much to see. To be honest the whole region is quilted patchworks of varying shades of lush, wet green separated by heavy stone walls ... Read more >

Tags: glasgow, hadrians wall, overseas birthdays

Beatrix Potter and The Lake District

Tuesday, 29 Sep 2009 | Views [320]

Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddleduck and squirrels and piglets and foxes and badgers and little bad mice! Windemere features an incredible lake that stretches out seemingly endlessly towards the sky lined with lush green hills. Beatrix Potter bought a small ... Read more >

Day 3: Shakespeare Shakespeare Shakespeare, 'Lend me your ears', bloody death and mahem

Monday, 28 Sep 2009 | Views [567]

So we left Stoford. Cute little Stoford with its cute little bridge over its willow-strewn river and majestic white swans. The Swan Inn was awesome. Such good grub and nice rooms and sweet people. Wonder how much a little Stoford or Greater Wishford ... Read more >

Tags: theatre

Bath and Avebury

Sunday, 27 Sep 2009 | Views [423]

Oh Lordy, make me rich rich rich so I can buy me a summer-house in Bath. Just a little one would do. I wouldn’t need much room as I wouldn’t be in very often. I’d bathe everyday in the baths, obvi, eat Cornish pasties everyday, again obvi, and spend all ... Read more >

Tags: jane austen

Day 1

Sunday, 27 Sep 2009 | Views [410]

Stood on Nelson’s HMS Victory in Portsmouth today. Such a good day on the harbour and by the seaside. Ticket to see the HMSes and their museums and have a harbour tour was quite good value. I pretended I was in Hornblower...truth be told that I was Hornblower ... Read more >

Tags: portsmouth, stonehenge, winchester



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