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Livy's Adventures

About livy

I'm Liv, I love the arts - especially music - and I especially love to write and compose music.

I've got a bit of a knack for managing and organising events so I'm hoping to go into a career in Arts Management in the Classical Music industry.

Maybe I could do it overseas? Want to offer me a job?? I'm not bad, hehe

But I'll end up in Melbourne because it's an awesome city

I've been to California and Nevada and Utah

I went on an awesome 8-day road trip in the South Island of New Zealand in 2007 and went back this year to Queenstown to ski with my wonderful boyfriend and his family

I studied Japanese in high-school so I desperately want to get there too!

But for now this UK trip is about sisterly bonding because my comando sister has been posted in Darwin for the last 18 months and we never get to see each other, it's just a short trip but I thought this would be a good way to keep a record of it (mostly for my Mum!)


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