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My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

Worldwide | Sunday, 6 November 2011 | 5 photos

the pictures that i submit have been taken 14 years ago with an old canon that i got from my dad. they are only pictures of my original ones, so quality wise its kind of a nightmare, anyway when i took the pictures i had no clue about cameras at all at this time.i just pressed the button whenever i found a worthy image. it was a lot of fun, and these pictures where the outcome.i was on safari with my parents and i really enjoyed the culture and scenery that afrika had to offer. its a land full of wonders and adventures. colors, impressions, you have everything you need. and you sometimes don t even know where to start afrika brought me back to the roots of life and nature.fascinating in its colors and wildlife its a must for every photographer. it just captures you. its an experience you will never forget once you tough this piece of land. i have tried my best to bring this across in my pictures. choosing wildlife as a main subject. but i know today i would do it completely different. i have grown a lot as an artist and got a deeper understanding of whats worth being shared. i look for the scene behind the scene telling stories the way i see them. whether its a good or bad one. its the meaning behind the picture that makes you feel and connect . being a photographer has been a life long dream and if i had the chance to get back to afrika again and connect with it. i would be so happy. till then i am just a simple photographer and triathlete working my way up expressing my feelings and letting people see the world and its wonders thru my eyes. with this scholarship i follow my Heart, its an opportunity i wanna take, cause its would be worth a story being told not only to me also to others. thanks national geographic for this opportunity.

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elephant eye. i am in love with this picture . even so elephants are heavy and huge animals, they seem to be very sensitive, thoughtful and peaceful creatures. especially this one here shows a variety of emotions. from simply being, to thinking , to being sad. whatever you wanna feel or experience you will find in this picture.

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