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afrika back in the days

South Africa | Wednesday, 26 October 2011 | 11 photos

Undoubtedly, its the second try in my life to pursue Photography that had left me for quite a while. How life goes mysteries ways. i had once one dream , to become a photographer i was 17, i got a camera form my dad, i started shooting and said i want to do this. i even applied to get a trade work job as a photographer and got accepted,
but like i said life and its ways. i ended up listening to every one but myself and went away form the trade job and the artistic life to being a crazy sports machine doing triathlon world championships, cross triathlons, half ironmans and so on. and of course i studied sport and of course i wasnt happy. i mean i am an artist by heart how can u truely be happy if u deny whats in you.
so i tried to find a way to incorporate my art in my lifestyle. and since i studied sport i decided to go for journalism and photography, i even started to design my own recycling fashion line, and started singing, i also went for freediving just to understand the ocean the animals that live there and myself better and just cause i thought i better try everything now what i once wanted to experience/ and i know today that after living so many years to what people expect to see in me that i have to start now to make changes in order to live the life that i dream to live. it really took me so long to realize that i never lived up to my potential nor lived what i really wanted to do . so when it just recently found that camera online,i decided to buy it and use it as an opportunity to apply for this scholarship to experience with Jason what it means to be happy. and i say happy cause i dont think there is anything more worth in this world to experience than being with nature and the animals that live on this planet and being a photographer. photography is telling a story its a journey and an adventure itself . its my way of expressing my feelings and bringing it across . its my way of letting people see the world and its wonders thru my eyes.
its my journey and my life experiences that i can share with others . and i t makes me proud to let people see the real world, to let them see the scene behind the scene. it might not be sometimes a beautiful picture but a picture will always tell the truth, my truth.
with this scholarship i follow my Heart, its an opportunity that i try to take. it will be something that i can always look back to, something that will stay with me forever , cause its a story worth being told. not only to me also to others.

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elephant eye. i am in love with this picture . even so elephants are heavy and huge animals, they seem to be very sensitive, thoughtful and peaceful creatures. especially this one here shows a variety of emotions. from simply being, to thinking , to being sad. whatever you wanna feel or experience you will find in this picture.

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