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European Beach Fashion Gone Wrong: Welcome to Barcelona

SPAIN | Friday, 17 August 2007 | Views [19774]

Barcelona is the popular holiday destination for European shoppers, diners and party goers. I think all the Spanish locals must pack up and leave town, as the thousands of European tourists pack the streets to the brim. It's difficult even to make our way down the famous tourist street - Las Ramblas. In fact, the first day as we're walking down the street I got plowed over by some guy not watching where he was going and he took off a piece of my toenail in the process. Easy to do in Barcelona, the streets are like a circus. Every few meters there's a new act: Edward Scissor Hands stands frozen until someone tosses him a Euro and he flies into action; a huge obese balloon clad women in tight pink spandex outfit poses tongue in tongue with a tourist for photos; break-dancers draw large crowds, cheering them on as they fling their bodies across the concrete; a man in body paint stands on a pedestal with a huge round exercise ball painted like a globe resting on his shoulders and back; random backpackers performing hacky sack moves to music for Euros; a woman adorned in plastic bottles representing a space creature; Flamenco dancers performing small numbers; a man painted and dressed as a garbage can squeaks and jumps out of the can to scare passer-byers; and our favorite, a belly dancer that thrusts her body in non-graceful, non-belly dancing like moves seemingly to have full body convulsions. All this and more happens all day and all night, while pickpockets and bag snatchers go to work on unassuming tourists.
The beach promenade here is no exception from the circus culture. In typical European fashion, most beach goers have slathered up their bodies with SPF 0, 2 or 4 oil, and are sprawled out on the sand attempting to expose every white crevasse to the sun, to tan the areas they've missed the day prior. A very large man lays sprawled eagle, teetering on his beer belly, arms and legs fully extended to ensure his underarms and area between his legs are well exposed. Women are topless and butt floss is the norm. The photo on this blog, however, we think captures the most bizarre, latest fashion, and certainly one we've never seen on a beach before. And one that this man could not bear to wear for too long, as it was probably very painful for him to wear, and equally painful for others to watch, and in a flash he stripped it off completely on the boardwalk and then proceeded to drink a beer at the local beach bar in just a towel, which was a much better look for him.
Barcelona is a city that never sleeps. We are renting a studio apartment overlooking the well known Placa Real. It's for us, and our friend Deanna who has come to visit from San Diego. Little restaurants with outdoor cafes line the four sides of the Plaza, making this a high volume, people watching extravaganza. It's a great way to wear away our jet-lag, sitting out at the cafes or "cerveceria" with tapas and sangria in hand on a beautiful summer night. The festivities continue all night and morning. We hear partygoers still living it up at 4:00 a.m. At 10:00 a.m., still intoxicated tourists are promenading their walks of shame from the past nights adventure back to their hotel rooms to sleep off the edge, wake up around 2:00 p.m. To do it all again. The sun doesn't set here until 10:00 p.m. and that's when dinner starts. So between 2 and 10 it's a drinking fest in the tapa bars, placas and beach pars. Welcome to Spain. Welcome to Barcelona!

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