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Host Club Hustle

JAPAN | Wednesday, 8 Apr 2009 | Views [14875] | Comments [1]

So Saturday night – or rather early Sunday morning – a couple of Western friends and I decided to visit a host club. For 3 of us (myself included) this was our first step into the dark and mysterious world of hosting but the last of our group ... Read more >

Tags: host club, japan, nightlife, osaka

Midnight necropolis: a night at a Japanese goth club

JAPAN | Monday, 23 Mar 2009 | Views [2848]

A midnight in a cemetery?! Well, not quite. Rather inside the bottom basement floor of a smoky dark club. I give you Midnight Necropolis: the gothic club night that happens once a month here in Osaka. While the name and “theme” changes (Black ... Read more >

Tags: clubbing, fashion, goth, gothic, japan, nightlife, osaka


JAPAN | Sunday, 11 Jan 2009 | Views [2492]

I visited my first trance club here in Japan over in the well-known Amemura in Osaka’s Shinsaibashi. Wait, according to the flyer it was called “super trance” (whatever that means) at a venue called Club Joule (http://www.club-joule.co.jp/) ... Read more >

Tags: clubbing, japan, nightlife, osaka

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