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Fukubukuro Hunting

JAPAN | Saturday, 3 January 2009 | Views [1877]

Just me and the Glico Man in Osaka's Dotombori

Just me and the Glico Man in Osaka's Dotombori

What is a fukubukuro you ask? It is a “Lucky Bag” full of winter goodies from all your favorite stores; what’s left over because in Japan New Years is a time of cleansing and renewal and old clothes and accessories must go!! Many stores throughout Japan will seal up a certain amount of goodies in packs that start from ¥5,000 and can go as high as the sky, though most run at a very reasonable ¥10,000 for all the merchandise that you get. But, as it is a mystery pack you’ll definitely find some things more desirable than others.


Today, January 2nd, was the big day for bargain hunting though there will be bargain sales all over Japan throughout the week to come. Due to that be prepared for huge lines and scores of people wherever you look if you’re in a shopping district like Osaka’s Shinsaibashi, where I was earlier today hunting the elusive fukubukuro. Well, it was elusive to me last year at least since I woke up too late to grab any of the “good” lucky bags from the brands that I wanted.


Luckily,  I did not make that same mistake; I set my alarm and mentally prepared myself for the day of shopping ahead. I raced out of my apartment and into the shopping district, losing out on one store due to them already being sold out at 10am(!!), what I assumed to be opening time, but I called that store a loss and raced on to snag two other fukubukuro bags from other clothing brands that I was fond of for ¥10,000 and ¥20,000 respectively. The verdict: the first, cheaper, bag had a lovely outfit and I am quite pleased with it, even if I now have an extra give-away shirt in addition to the outfit that I like. The second bag, however, I was a bit disappointed due not only to how much it cost but for what was in it since most of the merch. was not my style. *sigh* Well, you win some and lose some with the “Lucky Bags”. Next year I’ll know that maybe I’ll skip out on that second brand and just take their 30% discounted clothing that I can see and know what I’m buying instead.


If you’re in Japan right now I suggest high-tailing it to the nearest shopping area for some great bargains! Happy shopping!

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