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7_Weeks_In_Bogotá My name is Kristie, and I will be spending almost 2 months in Bogotá, Colombia this summer to do volunteer work with kids. My goal is to improve my Spanish, so I will let you know how that goes! =)

Almost there....3 Days!!!!!!

COLOMBIA | Friday, 27 May 2011 | Views [355]

Hola, I got back from my trip to Wisconsin yesterday, and am currently in Indiana before I leave on Monday!!!! I cannot believe that I will be going to Colombia in less than 3 days!!! It is such an awesome and nerve-racking feeling! Time has really ... Read more >

Tags: bogota, colombia, flying, south america, travel, trip planning, trip preparation

8 days!!!!!!!

COLOMBIA | Monday, 23 May 2011 | Views [406]

Hola! Wow..it has been sooo long since I have written in my blog...oops! I actually got really busy with finals. Also, I have been in Wisconsin for the past 2 weeks spending time with my family, friends, and boyfriend before my departure to Colombia.... Read more >

Tags: bogota, colombia, south america, travel, trip planning

What!???...ONLY 5 WEEKS!?!?!?

COLOMBIA | Sunday, 24 Apr 2011 | Views [547]

Hola, Wow…I only have 5 weeks left until I go to Colombia! Que Bueno! I am so excited! I can clearly remember when I had 5 months to go, and I couldn’t conceptualize what it would be like to be leaving so soon. Well, I am in the final countdown, ... Read more >

Tags: bogota, colombia, learning spanish, south america, spanish, spanish word of the day, trip preparation

An interesting documentary...

COLOMBIA | Wednesday, 20 Apr 2011 | Views [428]

So lately I have been interested in learning about Bogotá as much as possible, so I was trying to find some documentaries to watch. Well, last night I stumbled upon a documentary about homeless people living in the sewer system of Bogotá. I have heard ... Read more >

Tags: bogota, colombia, documentary

6 weeks!

COLOMBIA | Monday, 18 Apr 2011 | Views [437]

Hola a todos! So it’s official… I am leaving for Bogotá in 6 weeks (and 1 day..)!!!!! Time is really flying. In 3 weeks I will be in Wisconsin, then before I know it I will be back in Indiana preparing for my trip! I just have to get through ... Read more >

Tags: bogota, colombia, learn spanish, south america, spanish, travel, trip, word of the day

Spanish Word of the Day!!!!!

COLOMBIA | Sunday, 10 Apr 2011 | Views [511]

Buenas tardes, Ok, so I thought I could make this Blog useful (for myself and my readers), since it already has so many other qualities of a great blog... So I have decided I will feature a Spanish word of the day, verb of the day, as well as ... Read more >

Tags: bogota, colombia, learning spanish, south america, spanish, spanish word of the day, travel, word of the day

The Countdown Begins!

USA | Saturday, 9 Apr 2011 | Views [353] | Comments [1]

Hola a todos, I thought it would be appropriate to say Hola…because I AM going to Colombia after all! =) I have decided today would be the perfect day to begin writing in my blog. I purchased travel insurance, and along with that came the opportunity ... Read more >

Tags: bogotá, colombia, learning spanish, south america, travel, trip planning, volunteering

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