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Goodbye London

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 22 May 2007 | Views [501] | Comments [1]

my last day in London was uneventfull. Lets see... it rained. Then it stopped. I went to take pictures at the tower. the sky was dark gray. Walked around the tower of london, but lets be downright straight, i'm flat broke, so... just pictures, i'm not going in. hop in the train, go to the other side of the city. British Museum. I don't know what I was expecting, but certainly not that.Very ample spaces with some specimens of art and frises and statues from several eras gone bye. For some reason, it just gave me the impression that someone moved the furniture for cleaning and forgot to put the things back where they were supposed to be. It is all too big, too far away. They do have a quite decent collection of ancient Egiptian artifacts, and also the original Roseta Stone. But there is still something missing...

it does not have the timeline evidence as in the Louvre, or the brilhant arrangement of theEgyptian Museum in Hildesheim, Germany. Maybe I just didn't like it because I was alone.

And curiosity question? what is the most sensitive part of a man in a statue? answer: exactly what you thought: his playground. it is funny because most statues are completely preserved, but at least most of them have no willies.

Aparently, willies are the first thing to go when you decide to vandalize an old statue. Oh, this is from the Helenistic period? let's break its manhood. If you ever been to a Museum with loads of statues, just try to pay attention. Is it some kind of  "I hate statues" movement that lead people to break unnameble parts of the poor statues? Not that they care, they are made of stone, but, well you know.It is weird.

Walked down oxford road, found the nice internet cafe where I could download my pics. Bought two nice scarfs. And also contacted Florie, my couchsurfing host in France. She is sooo sweet, she is collecting me at the airport. And tomorrow it is her birthday, I wonder if we can have cake? uhm... Double chocolate fudge.

I had the chance of chatting for a very short time with the people at work. Poor Bruno. He is suffering. I wonder how many kilos he has already lost this first week. Anyway, i had the chance of seeing some of the emails. Scary scary, lets not go there.

Otherwise I will panic only in thinking of going back.

Tomorrow it is early trip to London Stansted.

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Hey, cousin!
how are you?
how is your trip?
buying a lot of things?
and this rain?
is cold here?
great photos!

missing you!

  Débora May 27, 2007 8:43 AM

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