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License to..... Dance?!?!?!

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Sunday, 13 July 2008 | Views [962] | Comments [1]

One movie that I still remember from late eighties was Licence to Kill, where Timothy Dalton once more became the glorious James Bond and slept around and shot a lot the enemies of the Crown, the Queen (God save the Queen!), and the MI6.

Yep, I was a fan of James Bond and his double 0 status. But, man, I still prefer Sean Connery. In kilts in Highlander...

Anyway, I digress, here in Dubai you may not pay income taxes, but you usually overcome this little technicality by needing to issue licences to everything else.

You may take a couple of days to buy a car, but to get the Driving Licence you may take from five months to two years, depending on how many times they fail you on the exams.

If you want to have alcohol at home, you need a Alcohol license, which will allow you to have up to two litters of alcohol at home at a time.

If any of my previous colleagues were here, that would certainly would put a damper in any party they prepared, because two litters is the minimum amount each one of them drank in any circunstance. Just for starters, they would go with the Label's family... Let me introduce Mr. Red Label and Black Label, my old boss would say....

And I was told that no single women receive the license...Sorry girls, no more Brigit Jones nights of Vodca and Chacka Khan.

However one impromptu outing last Friday unveiled a license that certainly would give chills in any Latino with certain Salsa and Mambo drumming in their veins.

And on those of us who grew up with rythm on the streets or with the small group of bossa or pagode playing on the bakery every  time you went to buy bread.

Dubai issues license to ... dance.

We went to a bar which played latino music - They were very eclectic with rumba, mambo, and they started playing Corazon Espinado from Carlos Santana, who is someone who would be together with Eric Clapton on my WoW list of players... A friend of mine enjoyed the songs and started to dance with the music, until the time one of the bouncers told her to stop as the club did not have the license to dance.

I thougth, you got to be kidding.

Anyway, we left, after a short discussion with the manager. No, they did not have the license. They had the license for drinking, smoking, but no dancing allowed!

We later on went to a more musically oriented place. And my friend could show her steps of rumba.

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What???? I didn't know about that? Oh my Oh my !!
NO more Bridget Jones's nights, no more dance like crazy? It can be right! Run for your life! rsrsr

  Carol Jul 20, 2008 4:20 AM

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