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Keith Austin: When the world is your lobster Stories from a former Travel Editor of the Sydney Morning Herald.


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Eat Up At Robuchon

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 20 Apr 2009 | Views [1914] | Comments [4]

We are all prisoners of our prejudices at times. We can try to combat them but . . . for instance, have you ever driven past one of those Classical revivalist McMansions and wondered what it looked like inside? How surprised would you be if it was ... Read more >

Tags: eat up, food, joel robuchon, la table, paris, pets, pigs trotters, popsi bubblehead, review, smoking

In a bit of a stew...

FRANCE | Thursday, 2 Apr 2009 | Views [967] | Comments [1]

Cassoulet – a sort of southern French bean stew with sausages and duck - is my next culinary task. Many years ago Popsi Bubblehead’s sister, who lives in the Lozere region of southern France, gave me a large vacuum-sealed jar of the stuff and I have ... Read more >

Tags: arrondissement, au bon st. porcain, cassoulet, food, france, john baxter, lozere, spinach, wolves

Pigging out in Pangers

UNITED KINGDOM | Monday, 23 Mar 2009 | Views [1147] | Comments [1]

Yes, it’s me again, and so soon! Feeling a bit guilty at my lack of communication recently but it’s amazing the things you can fill a day with, still feel   that you’ve done nothing, and yet be exhausted at the end of it. While in the UK recently ... Read more >

Tags: berkshire, cheese, food, foodie, pangbourne, popsi bubblehead, pubs, tasting, thames, wine

More rabbit than Watership Down

FRANCE | Sunday, 22 Mar 2009 | Views [926] | Comments [3]

Mes amis, je suis desole. Vraiment I am.   A combination of a few days in the UK seeing the family, problems getting online while there, and general lassitude on my part have led to a prolonged absence from the blogosphere and an egregious failure ... Read more >

Tags: eating, food, france, lapin, rabbit, recipe, uk

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