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Carlos Gutierrez

Day 41 – Monday, August 15th – Ojo Caliente to Taos, New Mexico

USA | Thursday, 18 Aug 2011 | Views [784] | Comments [1]

I planned on hitting the hot springs at the 8:00am opening time, but ended up just hanging around the quite campsite going through my maps and working on a plan for the next few days…my trip is winding down and now I have to start decompressing. Once ... Read more >

Day 40 – Sunday, August 14th – Abiquiu to Ojo Caliente, New Mexico

USA | Thursday, 18 Aug 2011 | Views [742]

Beth cooked up some scrambled eggs and bagels and pumped me full of coffee. We sat around and chatted all morning about our travels through life and the reality show idea, visiting my blog and looking at all the pictures, and taking a tour of Wanda’s ... Read more >

Day 39 – Saturday, August 13th – Ghost Ranch, to Abiquiu, New Mexico

USA | Thursday, 18 Aug 2011 | Views [1895]

I lingered at Ghost Ranch and spent most of the day there, since I was enamored with the place and because I only had about 16 miles to ride today. The road to Abiquiu snaked through colorful sandstone canyons, almost like a painted desert. There was ... Read more >

Day 38 – Friday, August 12th – Ghost Ranch (layover day)

USA | Thursday, 18 Aug 2011 | Views [608]

I’m captivated by Ghost Ranch and decide to spend another night here. I luck out and snag a seat on the O’Keefe Landscape Tour at 1:30pm, led by a charming docent who shows us the specific O’Keefe painting that matches the tree or bluffs or mountain ... Read more >

Day 37 – Thursday, August 11th – Echo Amphitheatre to Ghost Ranch, New Mexico

USA | Saturday, 13 Aug 2011 | Views [858] | Comments [1]

About 9:00am the Forest Service Ranger (and his son) showed up in the familiar green g-ride pick-up to service the campground; I chatted him up and told him about my predicament. He said “wait here” and immediately left for home – 15 miles away – to ... Read more >

Day 36 – Wednesday, August 10th – Chama to Echo Amphitheatre, New Mexico

USA | Saturday, 13 Aug 2011 | Views [527]

I lingered in Chama, visiting the rail yard and chatting it up with some volunteers busy restoring one of the box cars, then walking around the small historic downtown area and talking with some locals at the coffee shop. There I met Jim, proprietor ... Read more >

Day 35 – Tuesday, August 9th – Antonito to Chama, New Mexico (via Cumbres & Toltec steam train)

USA | Saturday, 13 Aug 2011 | Views [1259]

Oh I forgot to mention that while I was checking out the mini-RV park last night, a hobo wandered by and directed me to an old railroad box car where I could sleep that was clean and warm and dry; he knew because he had spent a few nights there himself! ... Read more >

Day 34 – Monday, August 8th – Conejos Campground to Antonito, Colorado

USA | Saturday, 13 Aug 2011 | Views [1326]

My clothes weren’t totally dry because they were frozen – it was a cold one last night and I woke up about 7:00am to see frost on everything! I didn’t put the fly on my tent because I wanted to enjoy the moon and the stars while dozing off, and the ... Read more >

Day 33 – Sunday, August 7th – Indiana Pass to Conejos Campground, Colorado

USA | Tuesday, 9 Aug 2011 | Views [711] | Comments [2]

The day dawned cool and clear – not a cloud in the sky, although it got pretty cold last night. After coffee and oatmeal I hit the trail at 9:00am, mostly downhill to Summitville, the EPA Superfund Site (old mining operation) and ghost town. The few ... Read more >

Day 32 – Saturday, August 6th – Del Norte to Indiana Pass, Colorado

USA | Tuesday, 9 Aug 2011 | Views [1250] | Comments [2]

I got a late start today – didn’t hit the trail until 2:00pm. In the morning Patti, Gary and I hit the pancake breakfast which was part of the 1 st annual “Covered Wagon Days” weekend in Del Norte. While there I ran into Matt, a Colorado Conservation ... Read more >

Day 31 – Friday, August 5th – Sagauche to Del Norte, Colorado

USA | Sunday, 7 Aug 2011 | Views [796]

I left the motorcycle rally after muscling in on the group pancake breakfast and headed towards La Garita on paved Rt. 285 – an easy 23 miles with no headwind. I had a 2 nd breakfast at the small restaurant – a very tasty egg and sausage breakfast ... Read more >

Day 30 – Thursday, August 4th – Upper Dome Lake to Saguache, Colorado

USA | Sunday, 7 Aug 2011 | Views [715]

It was an easy climb through clear weather on good roads to Cochetopa Pass (10,000’/3,058m) – nothing to complain about! I stopped in USFS Luder’s Creek Campground, met Chris Ivich and his dog Rufus (both escaping the heat at home in Oklahoma). Chris ... Read more >

Day 29 – Wednesday, August 3rd – Marshall Pass to Upper Dome Lake, Colorado

USA | Sunday, 7 Aug 2011 | Views [971]

The morning was easy - downhill 9 miles on nicely graded roads (albeit with some fresh cow crap, ostensibly from the herd I ran out of my camp after waking up). I passed through the hamlet of Sargents, unfortunately the café was closed so I couldn’t ... Read more >

Day 28 – Tuesday, August 2nd – Salida to Marshall Pass Campground (6.2m west), Colorado

USA | Sunday, 7 Aug 2011 | Views [808]

Hit the trail about 11:30am after answering emails in the hostel and arranging a shuttle ride for the end of my trip, from Silver City, New Mexico to the airport in El Paso, Texas. Felt sorry to be leaving the hostel – it’s a cool place and I met some ... Read more >

Day 26/27 – Sunday + Monday – Salida, Colorado (layover days)

USA | Sunday, 7 Aug 2011 | Views [1282]

After stopping by Café Dawn for my morning latte and then Safeway to load up on groceries, on the way out of town I started to have some shifting problems, and although it was Sunday I figured the bike shop (Absolute Bikes) was open because of the weekend ... Read more >

Day 25– Saturday, July 30th – Salida, Colorado (layover day)

USA | Tuesday, 2 Aug 2011 | Views [468]

Matt rustled up feta cheese omelets made from fresh eggs (their chickens) and chard (their garden). We talked about bicycle touring, the Camino de Santiago, and I walked Ethan through my Great Divide maps, explaining the map key, elevation profiles ... Read more >

Day 24 – Friday, July 29th – Hartsel to Salida, Colorado

USA | Tuesday, 2 Aug 2011 | Views [615] | Comments [1]

Phil and Shannon kept going on about the warmshowers.org bicycle touring Internet site, so I got on there, signed up, and found a host in Salida – Matt Burley. I emailed him in Breckenridge and got his response the next day when I stopped for lunch ... Read more >

Day 23 – Thursday, July 28th – Selkirk Campground to Hartsel, Colorado

USA | Tuesday, 2 Aug 2011 | Views [688]

Woke up to one good thing + one bad thing…a clear blue sky, which I needed to dry out and warm me up…and a dead field mouse in my water bucket, which I left out after I filled it up from the creek last night. Poor mouse, I hope it’s not a bad omen. ... Read more >

Day 22 – Wednesday, July 27th – Silverthorne to Selkirk Campground, Colorado

USA | Tuesday, 2 Aug 2011 | Views [836]

After almost a week traveling and camping together, Phil and Shannon and I split up – already we seem like good friends! They head towards Boulder for a Craig’s List rideshare towards Austin and I take the paved bike path 15 miles to Breckenridge, passing ... Read more >

Day 21 – Tuesday, July 26th – Kremmling to Silverthorne

USA | Tuesday, 2 Aug 2011 | Views [428]

Shannon had arranged a warmshowers.org host in Silverthorne – my first with a host using this Internet-based community of touring bicyclists. Since we were exhausted from the climbs out of Radium yesterday, and since we got a late start (10:30am), I ... Read more >

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