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We're Leaving This 2 Star Town!!! fter deciding enough is enough,We are packing our bags and leaving the Stowe Massive,for a little Kayleigh and Hanna time!! We dont have much of a plan...but we're just gonna go with the flow and hope for the best!! First stop is singapore,then onto Sy

Little India/ Ladies Night..Coz The Feelings Right!!

SINGAPORE | Thursday, 28 June 2007 | Views [1246] | Comments [5]

Ok. Since we last updated this thing, we feel the need to tell you about the last few days, coz they have been fun!

I will put pictures up too!


Right Tuesday night we took a bus to little India, where we walked around and found a dodgy place to eat.


This time we all felt a little better though because there weren’t too many dead things hanging in the windows! Phew!


We sat down in a place that look slightly like a mental home, and choose our food.


Both Hanna’s had some kind of chicken curry and rice.

While I had this thing, which I can’t really explain.

Kind of like an omelette with vegetable korma inside it!

It was lush I tell thee.


People seemed to like starring at us here too. Especially this one lady who kept looking at Hanna all through our meal.

You would think these people have never seen long blonde hair before!! Crazyness!!

So when we paid $4 each. We left with one insisted mobile number……and carried on looking around.


We then walked past Gotham City and took a few pictures of it; we have not been inside the building yet as my dad wants to see the look of Hanna’s face’s when we go in there. (This place is amazing. Love it)


Then we went up to the Equinox (City space) which is this really tall hotel with a bar/club at the very top of the building. The views are amazing, especially at night.


Then we took a long walk home…… I mean apartment = p opps!


Last night me and Hanna went out for “Ladies Night” where everywhere is free entry and if you’re lucky and go to the right places the first 3 drinks are free! Yayay!! Freeee!!

We decided to start at the Crazy Elephant again coz we know there are great bands there to listen to.

We sat down next to a big crowd of people, and it wasn’t before long they were dragging our table across the bar for us to come and sit with them. Turned out they all live here, and are in the shipping business!! Bloody shipping. Can’t get away from it! But I guess I wouldn’t hear anything else being in the country of the biggest container port in the world!! Borrrring!!

So yeh any way after they had brought us a few drinks (yes they were trying to get us drunk, but only in a good way! Lol)

We all got talking and they were really funny guys.

“WE MET RON BURGANDY” ok we didn’t actually meet him, but this one guy (Stuart) was so much like him in every way! He was so funny!! Some of them were from Norway, UK, Canada and Kazakhstan “VERY NICE”

Hanna and I kept quoting Borat to him; I don’t think he found it to amusing after a while!! Oppsy!!

After Crazy Elephant we all went to a club called Attica.

It was really cool in there, with an outside bar at the back.

At this point we were all really drunk and we just danced the night away…..and didn’t get home until about 5am this morning.

So what are we all doing now? Sitting inside and being totally lazy! The weather is hazy so we’re not missing out!!!


Will keep you all updated. Check out our new pics! Yay.

Peace Out Man!!

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I just love it, all your photos make me laugh and cry,
they are excellent!
Leigh you write just the way you talk, its great to listening to your voice in my head!! LOL
Keep on groovin'
Mum/Krys xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  krysia Jun 28, 2007 10:29 PM


I just love that last batch of pictures (ladies night) Next time you go out I would prefer it if you all put paper bags over your heads (and Hanna needs to wear a polo neck!!)

Am really enjoying your updates - keep 'em coming guys!

Love you loads


  Mummy Vickie Jun 28, 2007 10:39 PM


It looks like you've been having fun, however....We've just phoned Fraser place to enquire and they have confirmed that you are not allowed in the swimming pool after 10pm !!!! ;-p

Loving the blog, makes ours sound very serious, keep it up!

  jamesanddan Jun 29, 2007 11:13 PM


Hi Guys
Well Well what can i say??? LOL!!!! It could only happen to Kayls!!! I am lost but now am found!!!!! Watch out Australia is all i can say!!!! Bless!
Glad you and Hannah are ok, scary or what???
What's the story with the car Kayls???!!!
Glad you're having a great time.
Hi Malc.
Stay safe.
Lots of luv.

  Celia Jul 6, 2007 2:56 AM


Hi Kayls (& Hanna)
it's great reading your blog.. makes me envious though!!
missing you lots but it's a lot quieter at work and we can actually find our files hahaha!!.. Tony hasn't stopped crying since you left but his bruises have all cleared up now.. BMP says hello and he is going to send a message to you soon but can you go to Felaw Maltings first?.. JK also.. Like the picture of you and your new boyfriend (on the Tri-shaw)!!
speak again soon...
Party on!!
Paul xx

  Pablo Jul 7, 2007 2:42 AM

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