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We're Leaving This 2 Star Town!!! fter deciding enough is enough,We are packing our bags and leaving the Stowe Massive,for a little Kayleigh and Hanna time!! We dont have much of a plan...but we're just gonna go with the flow and hope for the best!! First stop is singapore,then onto Sy

Singapore Fun!!

SINGAPORE | Tuesday, 26 June 2007 | Views [644] | Comments [3]

(ok ok jonni G I have had it up to here with you..IM DOING IT NOWWW!!! = P)

By the way this whole entire blog is gonna be full of rubbish, so bare with me. Ok.

Hellllloo there people of the world.

Right well since me and Hanna have arrived in Singapore we haven’t been doing much but sunbathe and gym. Yes you heard me gym!

On our first night here dad (Malcolm) took me and Hanna to a really nice Mexican where we had the classic Chimmychanger. We love to venture! Haha. Not! Then we went on a boat ride up the river, which is a really great thing to do at night, because all the lights are so pretty. Then we ended the night with a drink at Bar-Cleona (great name) After that we were pretty tired so we went straight to bed, were we slept until 2 in the afternoon. Opps!

Our friend Hannah arrived on Sunday and the fun began wooh! Yesterday the weather wasn’t to great, so we hopped on the Fraser bus and went down to suntec city, which is a big shopping mall.

As me and Hanna watched other Hannah buy lots of lovely clothes, the temptation was very difficult. But we stayed strong and didn’t buy anything!! Ok maybe a top or two…but that was it. Promise! Haha.

Last night we decided to go down to funky town (China town) and eat out there. This was a very Errrm good experience. Being a veggie I had to keep my head low while walking through there. All the dead hanging animals nearly did make me throw up. But I was distracted trying to explain to this guy that didn’t speak hardly any English that I didn’t want any meat or fish in my food. He did think I was slightly mad. But thank the lord I got noodles and veg. and it was really nice. Both Hanna’s had some rice and chicken, and said it was nice too. The food there is very cheap $3 or something like that. Trying to eat with chop sticks though, coz they didn’t have anything else, was fun. I was tempted to use my hands at one point! I think I can safely say..im crap at using chop sticks. Hanna on the other hand was very good. I think she has done this before.  

So after getting use to being starred at in china town and getting called Charlie’s angles (Ha! Very odd.)  We went through to the market bit and looked around. Hannah .C. got stopped by one of many people trying to get us to have a full body message and decided to go for it. So we left her behind, and went on to look around. We made a little friend called Eddie. He kept seeing us everywhere and found it hilarious. Not sure what was quite so funny, but it made him smile at least! We did a little bit of shopping; I brought this really cool camera, which is now my baby.

And Hanna brought a new lens for her very pro camera. So we were both happy with our time in china town.

So after funky town we decided to go out for a drink or two at a near by place called crazy elephant.

 There was a live band, who were really good fun to watch. As we were sipping on our Singapore slings, we looked outside to see it was absolutely chucking it down! I turned round to Hanna and none of us had to say one word we both chucked off our flip flops and ran outside. Everyone in the bar was laughing at us and thought we were a good laugh. And one guy even took some pictures for us. After that we ran all the way back to our apartment, on our way we jumped in the fountain! Soooo much fun. We were in there for quite some time, at this point we were drenched!! When we got back to our place Hanna thought it would be a good idea to go we swimming in the pool (sorry guys) fully clothed! All Hannah .C. could do is sit back in the dry-ish and laugh at us.

Today is another day and who knows what other crazy things we might do………….

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about bloody time you updated this! :p

good to see you have done lots of shopping and drinking :p keep up the good work! haha!

  jonni G Jun 27, 2007 2:56 AM


LOL why didn't i look at this earlier!!! Hey H and Smayli!!!! I am so jelious of you two i wanna run round in fountains with you! You never know if the money fairy visits then i might be coming out to see you. Keep us lot back in Rainy Felixstowe posted with your adventures.

Love you x x

  Kitty Jun 27, 2007 6:33 AM


Hey smelly good to see your having a good time! keep us posted and try not to get into to much trouble...o what the heck ya might as well :P

smell ya later

  philleh z Jun 29, 2007 5:00 AM

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