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Buenos Aires Baby!

ARGENTINA | Wednesday, 21 April 2010 | Views [553] | Comments [3]

Well we've arrived! Flight was a little arduous and adjusting to time difference proving a little difficult. Unfortunately picked up a chest infection & cold on he plane  so arrived feeling decidedly rubbish. 

We had the usual arrival dramas such as lost luggage, missing airport transfer but caught a taxi in and despite the driver's best attempts to side swipe other jalopes, we made it to the hostel safe and sound. Getting out of the taxi when a swat team of police is conducting some kind of operation right where you've parked is interesting. Štaying at the Milhouse Hipo, not bad a little small for the amount of guests.

Spent Mon and Tues taking it relatively easy, wandering around the city, getting our bearings and trying out spanish. Whilst I suspected my lack of spanish was going to be an issue its now confirmed. I can not understand a bloody word anyone is saying to me. I stand there with a confused look on my face saying ablo englais. There should have been a question mark there but the spanish key board is proving difficult to navigate! I keep pressing buttons and doing odd things to the screen etc. Currently leaning over the key board squinting into the screen after pressing something which has reduced the screen size to the size of a postage stamp. Slight exaggeration but you catch my drift.

First night Cazzy and I were exhausted and stayed in. The boys got a little bit excited and hot the town getting home at about 5am. Needless to say they were useless yesterday and spent much of the day in bed. Cazzy and I headed out and did a bit of shopping [finally found a bloody camera battery!] and took what proved to be an interesting trip to the local waxing salon. Realising the woman waving a spatula of hot wax doesn't understand a word you are saying is character testing. Walked out to the waiting area feeling very pleased with my bravery to find Caz standing there looking very ill. Caz nearly collapsed on the way to the bathroom and was not looking well at all. The waxers are babbling to me in spanish, medico! Medico! Caz cant get more out than I dont feel well while looking like she is about to pass out. Pandemonium for a while! Eventually Caz started to feel better after what turned out to be a reaction to local water she had had that morning. Iron guts here has had no dramas thus far but imagine its a matter of time.

Headed with some people from the hostel to another hostel last night to hear some live music. I'm really enjoying exploring B.A and am looking forward to heading to recoleta this morning to check out the cemetery and B.Aš equivalent of central park. The boys are salivating for a steak dinner so we are going to take in a tango show and dinner with a few people we've met. Since we've met these guys they've been held up at knife point walking back from dinner and pick pocketed on a train. Starting to think they might be bad luck and should stay away from them lol.

Better run.....

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sounds like an interesting start to the intrepid adventure ... made for a great read!! hope you've had a little more success these past few days!! keep blogging xxx

  anna Apr 23, 2010 7:11 AM


haha! oh the dillema's of overseas travel.. makes me very jealous! Just seems like a new adventure every day, which I'm sure is not far from the truth. Don't think there's much news from home home, Mitta A's won the netball, but joss has rolled her ankle,( apparently they were fairly rough.).and the footy got a flogging against beechworth (i think it was beechworth, don't quote me on that). Some of the other Mitta girls and I are thinking of entering a home side at the mid year parkville center in melbs, which I'm pumped for, miss playing so much. Uni, work, and social life are incredibly constant, decided might transfer to Swinburne next year, they're the only uni that offer business/interior design/architecture course that I'm pretty set to do at the moment. Keep up the posts, they make for great reading! stay safe and watch ur back, someone might have a knife in it, by the sounds of the crazy spanish!

  carly Apr 24, 2010 9:40 PM


Reading your blog makes me intensely jealous Kate. You're doing all the things I would have liked to do way back in 1976 when I toured Sth America with a rugby team. But you only get a taste of each place when you're touring with a sporting team, and it was obvious that there was so much to be explored. We loved BA as well - stayed in a hotel several times called the Alveare Palace, near the centre. Played rugby in several other cities, with our last game in Mendoza where the altitude made playing rugby interesting. Anyway, the envious ramblings of an old man. Keep having fun and writing. We're really enjoying being able to folllow your travels. Blacky

  Blacky Jun 15, 2010 2:26 PM

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