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How to Get as Far Away From High School as Possible Backpacking for 10 months through parts of Asia and Europe

Last Goodbye

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 25 Feb 2009 | Views [270]

    Get the Buckley reference? Not like death, but death of the blog yes. Haha still in Kota Bharu wasting time without a hostel. Bus leaves for Pinang at 10 tonight for 9 hours, before that going to cultural shit in the city. This is my last blog entry ... Read more >

Random Stuff

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 | Views [385]

Klaus is writing heaps of emails so I may as well stick around here and write something. I reckon I will stop with the blog for a few reasons, a) the whole world can stalk me, b)i am shit at explaining/expressing things so any cool experiences i do have ... Read more >

Contact and Perhentian Island

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 | Views [794] | Comments [1]

Hi all. I had a long think on Perhentian Islands and I may be morally against this blog now for various reasons. So I am not sure if I will keep writing in it? But as a vague recap, the island was fucking gorgeous, very relaxing and such but was forced ... Read more >

Gallery: Malaysia

MALAYSIA | Thursday, 19 Feb 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Taman Negara, Malaysia

MALAYSIA | Thursday, 19 Feb 2009 | Views [440] | Comments [3]

Okay so it turns out public transport in Asia is the worst thing ever, so I am back with another hour til the next bus. I am also about to stab every taxi driver in the face. Anyway yes I will enunciate about Taman Negara, I can't remember the trip there ... Read more >

Kota Bharu, Malaysia

MALAYSIA | Thursday, 19 Feb 2009 | Views [660] | Comments [3]

OK quick again i will make a better blog entry for this and other plces i have been when i have the time. bus leaves in an hour and we must go and buy litres of water and lots of food (food is fucking great in Asia) and spirits coz they cost nothing although ... Read more >

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

MALAYSIA | Wednesday, 11 Feb 2009 | Views [746] | Comments [3]

Very very quick message. Thanks to those who commented, the Stefs and miya, I am sorry if anyone sends me message/email and i dont reply/have vague reply, internet is slow and sometimes expensive.  I have been in the highlands here for 3 days, who should ... Read more >

Gallery: Singapore

SINGAPORE | Sunday, 8 Feb 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

MALAYSIA | Friday, 6 Feb 2009 | Views [544] | Comments [2]

Hello all, I said that I was going to Sumatra but change of plans, don't ever count on what I say coz I always change at the last moment. Sitting in a cool hippie/bohemian backpackers on friends comp, my place is shit so il come here tomorrow night.... Read more >

Little India, Singapore

SINGAPORE | Tuesday, 3 Feb 2009 | Views [540] | Comments [7]

Why hello hello. How exciting, the first of my travelling blog thingie, when I am actually travelling. This must be quick because I am to go for a walk soon with some new English friends.  I am sitting in this sweet backpackers in little india, very ... Read more >

How to contact me

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 1 Feb 2009 | Views [1353] | Comments [2]

Coz I am likely to get quite lonely/homesick from time to time, contact from y'all would be quite nice I think, only if you can be bothered though! You can email me (justinecarey@hotmail.com), facebook me, or you can perhaps write a note on this, and ... Read more >

1 month

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 28 Dec 2008 | Views [311]

    New plan, decide where I am going once I get to the airport and avoid all countries where you need a visa pre-planned. Perhaps do a bit of the old get on the train and get off anywhere. Can't be bothered with the plans! (about) a month to go!

Gallery: Home and Singapore

AFGHANISTAN | Wednesday, 19 Nov 2008 | Photo Gallery

Melbourne and Singapore
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Home Sweet Home

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 19 Nov 2008 | Views [513] | Comments [7]

Tis the night before my Indonesian exam and in my procrastination I have made this blog. About 2 months before I leave but that is ok. Still in Melbourne so not much to say. For the record, I leave on Feb 2nd, come back when I feel like it. I am spending ... Read more >

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