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Beef a La bus

ARGENTINA | Tuesday, 18 September 2007 | Views [1099]

The British transport system is shocking.  If it was a child, the parents would be imprisoned for neglect.  Our trains are dirty, crammed and rarely on time and its been proven that cattle in transit for slaughter have more favourable conditions than commuters on the tube.

Our coaches are only slightly better with many in need of nupgrading, friendlier fuels and any type of innovation.

By contrast, Argentinian coaches could be likened to London cabs.  They are worldclass, although you wont get a cockney who knows celebrities driving one.

Journey times in Argentina can be long to say the leastowing to the size of the country, but once inside  aluzury coach and 17 hours becomes remarkably bearable.  Our SUPER-CAMA journey from Igacu falls to Buenos Aires featured 180 degree beds (far more comfortable than at the hostel), flat screen TVs (with recent movies) a 3 course meal, champagne, sweets, coffee, after dinner drinks anmd a teddy bear (not really)  Now thats my kind of bus.

On an excursion to Mendoza (17hrs by coach) the girl on reception booked the wrong coach and we ended up on a SEMI CAMA.  No I dont do anything SEMI unless its tomatoes so I was disappointed that the seats only reclined part way and there was no champagne this time.  However, it was still very comfortable and where they lçacked in luxuries they made up in entertainment.

You see, on this trip they started a game of Bingo!(in Spanish of course)  Luckily we had a young chap behind us who was able to translate.  As the announcer shouted out the numbers an echo in English came from behind.

The caller was saying more than just the numbers though.  He appearedto be making quips in Spanish that were not being translated.

As he called, there was some chuckling on board and the occasional finger poked in our direction.

I still have no idea what the caller was saying but suspect it went something like this......

45 - Its one long drive

Number 4 - Brits on board

Number 3 - were serving tea

Number 10 - Its beef again

Number 9 - who wants wine?

Number 20 - Bet the Brits drink plenty

32 - The drivers new

36 - were in the sticks

16 - cracked windscreen

88 - Mendoza state

Now why dont British rail do something like that?  They might even start the game on the platform.

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