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THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF JESS & DAN back on the road again...


AUSTRALIA | Monday, 28 July 2008 | Views [615] | Comments [6]

dear all,

the weather is beautiful, the sun is shining, icecreams and suncream are selling out, the pool is full, people are complaining about the heat, heatstroke..the top tempreture yesterday was...25 celsius!! thats scottish summer for you. it is beautiful though.

all is well, the park is totally booked so around 1500 people were there for the weekend, even the fire trucks were there when some retard tried to start a fire by putting a tube on their gas bottle and adding a flame...fool.nearly burnt the whole tent field down.

toilets are disgusting as always, last week one was so blocked that water and brown muck were overflowing over the toilet all over the floor.....eeeeeewwwww.

hit jackpot in a caravan and found easily a weeks supply of icecream and oven chips!yay..they even left me a magnum!

dan is fine, strimming (whipper snipping) and keeping everyone in line on night patrol.

amy is the shop girl, she loves little kids spending there 2 dollars on sweeties..its really annoying having one and two pennies, scotland should get with the times and just rounf up the ones and twos like aus! i had a little boy try and buy two frisbees with a piece of foil yesterday..hasnt quiet understood the money yet..foil is shiny like money though.

love to all.

love jess



Great to hear all is well and things going to plan. Don't get sun burnt is the heat wave!!! Must be really interesting have so many different people around. You and Amy will think you are back working for Kmart and dealing with the feral customers again. Hope there are also some really nice people to keep you entertained. Have fun. Love Bassos

  Bassos Jul 29, 2008 9:01 AM


Hi All, Good to hear all is going well. Weather sounds gorgeous. Its sunny here too but about 12! Sarah and I have lost 10 kilos now! We are very pleased with ourselves! We get to eat real food this week at night very exciting! Hope you continue to enjoy! Luv Sue

  Sue Batten Jul 29, 2008 11:54 AM


Hi Jess just a note to keep in touch G Ma has writen to you and I keep going on the blog started another folder to day so looking forward to you accouts of what you are doing makes really good reading seem to be enjoying your selves could not believe you had 1500 guests staying keeping you busy but the ice cream snd chips were a bonus enjoying the weather our best wishes go to Dan Amy and of course lots of love to you Jess xoxzoxo Gpa and Gma

  val and mick Jul 31, 2008 9:39 AM


Hi kids.
We are in Birdsville now and we have hit a heatwave too.
27 deg. Too hot for this time of year. But a bit cooler than last time we were here Dan (about 20 deg cooler).
Navara mad it across desert with out a hitch. Garry smashed his 2 back windows on the landcruiser. Slight mistake pulling out a dead tyree for firewood. "Not happy Jan". He has got to get 2 new back doors as well because the doors got dented as well.
Fancy finding that icecream Jess...someone knew you were coming through after they left. I'm so glad you guys are having a ball doing that work. Love to you three. Next time I hear from you we will probably be back home.
Love dad and mum.

  tina Jul 31, 2008 4:39 PM


Hey all

Keep enjoying the times ... and the weather!

Talk soon - B!

  Brenton Millott Aug 2, 2008 4:25 PM


Hi loveys!!!
Long time no see. I'm glad you're having a blast cleaning toilets and what not, and SCORE with the ice-cream Jess!!! I miss you and love you heaps! Bye bye xoxox

  Cathy Aug 3, 2008 8:15 PM

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