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THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF JESS & DAN back on the road again...

out tips for backpacking..

BELGIUM | Thursday, 29 May 2008 | Views [699] | Comments [2]

the following have been compiled by jess, dan and amy through our time travelling...

1.see everything, the sights are amazing and places you may only see once but will remember forever.

2. try everything, even if its raw or smells like dans feet..it will probably taste or awesome..or taste as bad as it smells..there is a limit to the smellyness of cheese.

3. buy a travel towel and remember to take it to the shower..drying yourself with toilet paper DOES NOT work.

4. try the local specialities, from raspberry beer in berlin to raw meat and onion on bread in stuttgart, its all been an experience.

5. pack plastic bags, for many reasons. wet things, but mainly to keep dans stinky jocks and socks away from the clean stuff...however his bag still stinks.

6. ALDI alcohol = headache

7. when asking the bus driver to stop at your stop (when we were looking for our hostel and didnt know the stop) make sure you stand with him at the front of the bus..even better sit on his lap if you can..because if you dont he will forget you and drive straight past the stop for another kilometre and then boot you off the bus telling you in italian to cross the road and wait for the next half an hour for the bus coming the other way...sitting on his lap would have been easier.

8. go to the hostel common rooms, we have met some awesome people there and normally the beer and food are cheap.

9. any hostel in athens is going to be feral..actually any city that has signs saying "do not flush toilet paper..put it in the bin" is going to STINK.

10. amy says "get a pack with sturdy zips"..her pack has been sat on, stood on, kneeled on and squuezed ridiculously tight to try and get it shut... and the zips are still good!

11. Sleep near a window, its a little cooler and makes the stink of 12 bnodies all sleeping in a confined space not so bad

12. anything above 3 euro for an hour of internet is a ripoff..we paid 6 euro for half an hour in santorini..i swear the lady smiled at every tourist she ripped off

13. get fat..the food is awesome and its a waste to not try every flavour of italian gelati or belgium chocolate.

14. buy a good book for the long trains

15. kebabs, bakeries and supermarkets are the best for cheap meals.

16.dont insert your USB into the computers anywhere..your just asking for a virus..like we did

17. be sure to read staion stops properly BEFORE getting off the train..there is a difference between Genoa A and Genoa B..duh

18. be sure the train is stopping for longer then 30 secs otherwise you will be jammed in the doors and forced to squeeze out of your pack and leave it stuck in the doors to save yourself being dragged under the train..we watched this happen in czech republic.

19.find out the public holidays of each country and plan to sleep all day of that particular day..nothing else to do!

20. do not kiss boys who do not understand "f*** ofF"..amy picked a lovely small extremely annoying man from ecuador who just wouldnt take a hint..

21. all museums are shut on mondays..its taken us 2 months to remember that one..

22. one mass of beer in munich = one jug of beer  in australia..and we drank these pretty fast.

23. after drinking the mass make sure a toilet is close, and do not leave the pub unless you have made wee..otherwise its going to hurt dragging a bladder the size of a soccer ball to the next pub..

24. sit outside on greek ferries..or learn to enjoy passive smoking mixed with diesel fumes.

25. there are bicycle paths in berlin..if you walk on them you will be crushed by locals aiming at tourists

26. byo toilet paper..also doubles as a hankie for jess and her continual collection of boogies

27. alcahol frei means alcohol free beer in poland..not that hard to work out dano.

28. belgiums make the best chocolates...and french fries..and waffles with icecream and chocolate sauce..pretty much anything bad for you tastes really good in belgium

29. try chocolate beer in belgium..just once is enough though

30. laugh lots

we have been having an awesome time in bruges, belgium. the city is sooo pretty and along with florence, santorini, berlin and krakow would be up there with my favourite cities. the streets are lined with really narrow high houses with water canals running through the houses.

i never realised that french fries were big in belgium..they are huge!they love them with mayo and sauce together..chips are so huge they even have a museum dedicated to chips..and we went.

from there walked to shop we heard about that sold pancakes by the kilo only to find that it was shut!!noooo..

so instead amy and i had waffles..very tasty. From there visited the church that holds a vial of jesus' blood...im not a huge huge believer so the claim seems a little unsupported, but still we paid our donation to touch the vial..while waiting in the queue dan noticed people praying and got a little nervous about what he was suppose to do, i said just say a little prayer..replied with "i dont know how to pray", so i said just make a wish...our praying/wishing went fine and we touched the vial of blood..looked a little like poop but hey im not arguing with the jesus blood claim. We left the church and dan announced that it definately wasnt jesus blood because otherwise his wish would have come true...and there was no lambourghni in front of the church. good one dan.

planning on visiting the 400 beer bar tonight, last night we tried a few, but we definately need to return to try a few more!

love to all,

enjoy the weekend.

love jess xoxoxxoxoxo

p.s. i appreciate all the people who commented on the blog informing me of their black forrest cake eating plans..thanks..ALOT



Will try to remember your travel tips if we ever get to europe. The food in belgium sounds great. Tell Dan his wish would not have come true because he told you what is was and you have to truly believe Dan!!!!! A man from Eucador Amy!!!!!! Could he even speak english. All sounds like great fun though. Enjoy, drink and be merry!!! Or should I say continue to drink and be merry. Love Bassos

  Bassos May 30, 2008 9:57 AM


Hi darl, Saw an interesting programme on tele last night about Naples, thought of you, they spoke about Naples follow the fate of Pompeii if (possible when) Vesuvius erupts. By all accounts the locals do not believe it will, but the scientists believe it almost certainly will and possibly destroy Naples wouldn't say when ofcourse we saw lots of artifacts preserved by the volcanic rocks in Pompeii, It was Catalyst the programme very interestin, saw much the same as you I expect. Spoke to my Dutch friend on Wednesday she'd been to Brugge and said what a lovely place it was gld to hear you enjoyed it. We only went through on the way to Ostend to catch the ferry to England in 1961, your Mum went too ofcourse she would have only7 been a couple of months old, don't think she'd remember it!!!!
Luv G'ma and G'Pa

  val and mick May 30, 2008 1:48 PM

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