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That time of the year

CANADA | Wednesday, 27 February 2013 | Views [4949]

This time of the year is very significant to me. Not only does it mark one year since I traded the beautiful beaches of Sydney for the the unknown, but it's also time to renew my travel insurance. 

Last year my primary influence was my mother. Maybe some peers, but mostly my mother. I didn't purchase any insurance until the day before my departure. Similarly, it is the day before my current policy is going to expire, and despite the two week reminders I received via email from World Nomads (thanks guys!) I am just starting to look into it. 

This time round, nobody is here to influence me. I have to choose between levels of insurance - whether I am going to be snowboarding, part taking in "extreme sports" and decide whether to opt for the standard insurance, or the explorer?? Even that is a personal challenge to me; I'm an explorer! The thought has occurred to me to just skip the insurance part, and you can't blame me for thinking that! I've met so many travellers who haven't had it, and been fine. I've been insured for the past 12 months by this very site, World Nomads, and the only thing I have used this site for is this travel journal, got to get my money's worth!

One year… Is it a long time? Well yes and no. A year simply put is 12 months. So the length of time does not change, so I guess a better question to ask is; has it felt like a long time? Again, yes and no. Man, I'm not going to get anywhere with this entry if I keep entertaining that question! 

In short, yes there have been times where it has felt like I am the only one in the world. Brief moments of loneliness, uncertainty, worry. These moments came, lingered, but disappeared quickly. On the other hand, I have experienced not just moments, but lengthy periods of elation, bliss and pure unadulterated joy!

This is one of those moments. 

Speaking of camp! That seems to be the talk of the town right now. Sort of. Not exactly all of the town, but my main circle of friends - most of which are from camp! This morning, I have spent a good portion of my time watching videos I have already seen, the one above. 


Or this one. 

Camp, insurance, camp and more insurance. 

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