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Deutsche Freunde (Part 2)

CANADA | Tuesday, 29 May 2012 | Views [1160]

Lazy backpackers

Lazy backpackers

Let us continue!

Thursday 24th - Present time (Monday 28th) 

The past few days have been very mellow and relaxing. The weather in Victoria has been superb, the sun glistening on the harbour is absolutely beautiful. I took full advantage of the sun and went to my new favourite spot in Victoria, the Parliament building front yard and lay there reading. 

On Thursday morning I awoke and went for a lightish jog. Cruising 6kms, up and down some hills, burning off the dozen loaves of bread I had personally consumed over the past week. I still needed to attend to my CRC (Criminal Record Check) so I went to see Denise at the Victorian police station. I had dealt with her when I was first in Victoria around 2 months ago. She had gotten in contact with the camp and explained to them how pointless it was for her to do a background check on me, considering I have only been in the country for less than 3 months and that nothing will show up because in that time it isn't possible to have committed a crime and then have it processed by the court, or something like that. However, as it stands, the camp told her that I still need to get one so they can put it on file (CYA principle). Normally this would cost $50, but she told me she wouldn't charge me. YES! Oh how I love the police, well Criminal Record Specialists. Thanks Denise!

Later that day, there was more lounging around on the warm grass next to the harbour, and this time Madlen came with me. She dozed off in the sun and got burnt. Seeing snow was a first for me, seeing the sun is a first for a German... Ha ha ha! This time, we were celebrities though, large groups of Chinese tourists came up started snapping away right in front of us, then a few wanted a photo with us! So I got them to take a photo for my collection too.

Rear shot of the tourists. Tourists, pfft!

My number 1 fan!

Going by my super memory, the rest of that day evening was spent being incredibly lazy. I watched a movie called "Trouble is my Business". It's a wicked and insightful documentary that captures real life drama inside the South Aukland school, Aorere College. I believe I think watched the final two episodes of Summer Heights High. In the midst of it all, I probably consumed enough sugar (thanks to the chocolate macaroons) to fill the Grand Canyon.

The following day was again spent very lazily. The three of us (Judith, Madlen and I) strolled to the Parliament building, where I finished off the remainder of "It's not about the Bike" and the girls soaked in the sun, and fell asleep. Today however, we weren't the only celebrities in town. Apparently there big event revolving around a Mr. David Forster? I've never heard of the bloke, but apparently he is a big time Canadian. Anyways, he had some guests at his special function and they made an appearance on the main strip in front of The Empress. Pamela Anderson, Michael Buble and some other so called celebrities were in town, I tried to mingle with them...

Who are these folk??

I didn't know Pam was Canadian. Is there such thing as a Canadian celebrity??

We had a delicious slice of pizza for lunch, vege of course and strolled to the other side of the island, which I haven't visited yet. It's all apartments, but it's very pretty and it was nice to see Victoria from another angle, I like Victoria. 

Saturday the 26th was a beautiful day, it's a pity I spent the whole day in doors doing my First AID and CPR. I don't actually mind learning, but considering I had renewed mine just before I left Australia, it's a bit of a frustration having to devote my entire sunny weekend to a costly course, but it's for the sake of the Summer Camp!!!!! 

There was a wifi connection at the course, and I pulled out my laptop and had a message from Madlen explaining that we had been kicked out of the hostel. Actually, we hadn't been evicted, we just hadn't booked another night (because I told them not to worry and we'd do it in the morning). When Madlen had gone down to do it that morning, she was told there was no room. We ended up staying at a halfway house, disguised as the "Turtle Hostel". Fortunately the two diligent Germans threw all my stuff in my bags, packed everything up for me and got it all out of my room and put it in storage. I dumped my stuff at the Turtle Hostel and found them. They had made a friend of a friend, and had spent the day kayaking and on a boat, jealous! 

Oh another sunset!

We got to go out on a little harbour tour that evening, very long and boring! I am grateful though, and again, it was nice to see Victoria from another perspective - on the water! We had a nice meal that evening, one beer and that was a wrap!

Water rats!

Cruising on Victoria harbour

I had to get up earlier the next morning because the girls were moving on, off to Banff. I didn't want to stay at the halfway house again, so I packed my stuff at 6am, said our goodbyes, checked out and moved down the road to HI Victoria. I didn't want to go back to the Ocean Island Hostel, because I feel to at home there, and I sort of know a lot of the backpackers there, also there is a ridiculous amount of Germans. HI Victoria was exactly what I was looking for, at first. Quieter, older crowd, big hostel and it was kind of cozy. HOWEVER, the large kitchen did not have an oven! How was I supposed to bake my yam?? I had to boil it... not the same!

Funny, I ran into a German guy I had met in Vancouver two months ago. He was traveling with his brother. I also made friends with two Australian girls, one from the North Shore, and the other from Melbourne. I also met up with another friend I had made 2 months ago in Victoria. Sammy and I met up yesterday arvo, she is looking for a place to rent in Victoria, so I went with her (after I entered part 1 of this entry in, which took all morning and a bit of the arvo. Phew!) and last night we ate at a vege BUFFET! Where you put whatever you want on a plate, they weigh it and then you pay. I got a bit carried away, packed on 1.6kg of delicious vege food and handed ove my $24. Woopsie... But I refrained and saved some for lunch today. 

Sammy and I at vege buffet.

1.6kg, or $24 of deliciousness and nutritiousness!!

This morning, I caught a ride with Sammy up back to Nanaimo. She is going on to Comox to her brothers, so I hopped out here whereby I will meet up with two more Germans who I met 2 months ago, and randomly bumped into at the Ocean Island last week. Tomorrow I think I will make my way to Tofino somehow, potentially hitch-hike? Kidding mum!

Now though, I need to get out of here. I am in Starbucks, of course, and it's a beautiful day! I would like to run, but I think my shoes are wearing thin. I may have to purchase a new pair, or if you are feeling generous, you can post them to the Summer Camp where I will be in 2 weeks, SUPER EXCITED!

I'll leave you with another video. It was in Mt. Washington when we stay with Robert. His apartment was at the top of a hill. We had to park our hire car at the bottom, and drag our bags up by sled. The boys were sent to fetch, they grabbed the real sleds and I opted for the toboggan! 

Time to spread my wings and FLY! :)

Life is such a bag.

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