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Young, wild and free

USA | Tuesday, 17 April 2012 | Views [966]

90% of the people in this picture are from where??

90% of the people in this picture are from where??

That is pretty much how I feel at the moment. I'm not wild in the sense that all I do is party and get drunk, but I am constantly reminded of how "different" I am. 

I don't actually feel young anymore... In my previous job at Vision I did, hanging around an older crowd, but traveling I am meeting people who range from 18 upwards. I now feel especially young because a lot of the people I am surrounded by are into partying and other activities that I am uninterested in. A question which has been proposed to me numerous times is why I eat so well (which isn't compared to what I ate at home, mums cooking), why I still exercise and what not when I am supposed to be on "vacation". I value my health, it is my priority!

Finally, I am as free as a bird. I am absolutely loving having nothing to tie my down, I do as I please, when I please. 

I didn't want it to be a full week without an entry, but it has been an incredibly adventurous week and I will do an update soon. For now, I am going to go be young, wild and free.

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