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new york 1 (continued)

USA | Thursday, 14 Jun 2007 | Views [1135] | Comments [3]

  it felt like what i had imagined new york to be like--only a little less--like when a movie gets hyped up for a month or two before opening and then when you see it, you feel like the trailer was better. i´m not saying i didnt like it--im just saying ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures

new york 2 (you gotta read NY1 first or this aint gonna make sense!)

USA | Wednesday, 13 Jun 2007 | Views [971]

  I took a sip of my hip mojito—way too much “jito”, not enough “mo”—so I walk over to the lower level bar to ask for mo “mo” and get hit like lightning with a look from the soap opera good looks bearing bartender that completely left me standing there ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures

london sunshine

USA | Tuesday, 12 Jun 2007 | Views [1515] | Comments [2]

with a sea of clouds beneath me i see you rising in the distance a small line breaking the sky into two pieces with no view of you yet only a dividing line that we call 'horizon' and in a moment what was night you transform into day with a burst ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures

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