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Gnaoua, baby!

MOROCCO | Saturday, 30 June 2007 | Views [952] | Comments [1]

In the amazing coastal town of Essouaira (it takes a good few weeks to learn how to pronounce it right, which can be a problem when trying to find a bus that goes there), we discovered, among many other things, the deep love that Moroccans have for music. Not to mention dancing! Gnaoua music, as far as i know, was brought to Morocco by sub-saharan African slaves. It consists of a lot of drums, clangy finger cymbol things, a 3-stringed guitar-like instument, singers (one leader), and dancers. And it takes great effort to keep a body still as it pulses through the streets. Prior to going, we (and I am referring to Angie, Josie, Jim, and myself) heard that around 400,000 people would decend on the city for this annual 'hippie-fest'. I naturally expected to see (and smell) a lot of blonde dreads. To my pleasant surprise, the festival seemed to be patronized mainly by Moroccans, who, as i mentioned, apparently emmensely enjoyed it! Dancing everywhere. I guess these are like folk songs as well, so more often than not groups would burst into jubilant song joining whatever music they would hear, be it a concert or just from one of the many CD sellers; sometimes they would just spontaneously burst into song on the street. I tell you, I loved it.

We stayed at a Riad, which is usually multi-leveled with rooms surrounding a central open plaza (w/ fountain in the middle) and a lovely rooftop deck. Very nice; looking out at the ocean. The city wall are all whitewashed with brilliantly colored vendors everywhere. A great experience.

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Yea! so true! I loved it! I couldn't keep still myself as the trance overtook my dance!

  Josie Minks Aug 22, 2007 8:52 AM



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