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at home in the world Welcome to my chronicle. I have embarked on my 'global art studio tour' (GAST). Who knows how long i'll be gone or where exactly it will take me. I hope to meet as many artists, see as many studios, and make as much art work as possible before my return. If you wish to sponsor me, you will receive a peice of artwork, of your choice, after my return at the value of which you sponsor me. (does that make sense?) Put another way, you can pre-purchase artwork from me, if you would like. The two ways to get money to me are (1)Send it to my parents who will deposit it: c/o Ron & Janine Parrish, 9102 Towanna Tr., Austin, TX 78736, USA. OR (2) email me (via this website) for Paypal information. (my account is under my email address, if you already have that.) Thanks so much. Please comment as freely and frequently as you wish on articles and picture. ~heather


SINGAPORE | Tuesday, 22 May 2007 | Views [520] | Comments [1]

Yesterday I found the most beautiful park I've been in. I've always considered Singapore to be clean, uptight (you know, chewing gum in banned), and a bit sterile. My experience this time around however has changed my mind!

During my quite extensive walks around the area I have been met at ever turn with beautiful, colorful old buildings, great foodcourts and markets of many ethincities tucked into every nook, wonderful art, yes cleanliness, and the prettiest park i've ever seen!

Its on a hill that has a fort at the top, and paths winding all around, huge trees, crazy ferns. I took some pictures, but of course they don't really do it justice. Just imagine.

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so great to hear all of your updates! your post made me remember the beautiful orchids in the singapore airport... maybe it was the jet lag and exhaustion but i thought i was in total airport-paradise. it's so fun to hear the mix of great art you are running into, too. i think you should write a memoir entitled, 'Meeting Picasso in Singapore'.

  laura May 23, 2007 1:35 AM



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