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A bit of fear creeps in. Can I do this?

USA | Monday, 28 May 2012 | Views [815] | Comments [3]

Back at home having a lazy memorial day weekend, the smell of firewood from the barbecues in the air… I can't help but think of my Tanzanian friends. What they might be doing today on a Sunday. And that they will be going to school tomorrow, teaching, walking to town for supplies, a much slower life in Tz. As I await Frank's details regarding his homecare project, I sit and wonder if I've bitten off more than I can chew. Or that I've over-promised, or given too much hope, if there's such a thing. Part of me is really scared and thinks I'm in over my head trying to start a nonprofit, but the other part of me knows that I am a smart girl and that I can do this. That I need to do this. Yes, another volunteer may someday feel inspired and want to help that community. Yes, maybe someone else will take the challenge. But maybe they won't. Very few have up to this point, or I wouldn't feel so compelled. A few children have been sponsored by volunteers, but that's not enough. Neema's school and Frank's homecare project need real fundraising. They need real vision and real backing financially. I know I can do this. I'm just a little scared that I won't be able to get them what they need. I have a fear of disappointing. Always have.

But then I just have to remind myself that for every one child we help, we could help hundreds. And it honestly doesn't take that much money. Just look at what Neema has done as one person. Just look at what Frank has done and wants to do as one person. They are my inspiration. They will never be able to make enough money to reach their goals and their dreams on their own as it stands right now. That's where I know I can help. Even if I can't help in a huge way, like building a new school or helping Frank keep the homecare open for years, I can at least help them start. I can at least do my best. I can dig down deep and see what's inside of me, see what kind of power I have as a woman. As an individual. As one person with a vision to help my friends in Tanzania. Help those beautiful babies get an education. Help a teacher with a heart for those children. Help a man that wants to do more but financially can't on his own.

I went to Tanzania to find a purpose. I believe I found one. I just hope I can go all the way and do what I set out to do. I pray that I attract the right people to my cause, that we build an amazing team that will do more than we ever imagined. That is my dream. Bigger. No more playing it safe, or playing it small. This is definitely the beginning of a new adventure. I'm all in.

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I believe in you!!

  Ronda May 29, 2012 5:34 AM


WOW, reading this really makes me realize the amount of ground covered in a year. Yay! www.kilimanjarochildren.org

  honeyknuckles Aug 21, 2013 12:59 PM


You will accomplish it all! I see you doing it in ny mind and my heart swells for you! God blessed me to have you as my teeny! I love you!

  sarah Aug 24, 2013 11:58 AM

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