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Master packer

USA | Monday, 30 April 2012 | Views [613] | Comments [4]

In less than a week I will be in Tanzania, settling into my bunk bed, meeting other fellow travelers (or maybe I'll be a solo volunteer?), taking a deep breathe of Mt. Kilimanjaro air. I arrive Saturday evening after 19 hours of travel time. Let's hope there are no kids kicking the back of my seat or sweaty/no deodorant wearing flight companions. Scratch that, let's only think positively! haha...I will be sitting next to either the most delightful, petite old lady who sleeps all the time and gets up exactly at the time I need to get up, or the most handsome (single), friendly, age appropriate man who is fascinated by me and my travels and is happy to get up and let me out, anytime I feel the need to brush past him. There. The intention is set. :)

I'm mostly packed. I pride myself as a master packer. I'm not comparing myself to European backbackers (pros), but to American vacationers (multiple bag, bell hop needers). Hey- we have this reputation for a reason. I have EVERYTHING for my two week trip neatly stuffed into a carry-on and small backpack/purse.  The list includes:

  • letter vests for the kids (interactive spelling game). this took up the base of my bag so I was skeptical I could actually fit the rest...
  • thousands of stickers/4 flash card decks/2 deflated beach balls
  • body wipes
  • makeup wipes
  • first aid kit
  • flashlight
  • power adapter
  • phone charger/kindle charger
  • kindle (any good book recommendations?)
  • camera battery charger/2 batteries
  • camera
  • mosquito coils
  • mosquito patches
  • neck pillow/eye mask/ear plugs (travel necessities)
  • small fleece sleeping bag
  • 14 Isalean shake packets- my breakfast!
  • 6 skirts/pants
  • 8 tops
  • absorbant travel towel
  • travel papers/passport/wallet
  • swim suit
  • undies/bras/socks
  • laundry soap (a bar)
  • comfy travel socks
  • sandals
  • toiletries (shampoo/deodorant/minimal makeup/hair paste/toothbrush/eye drops)
  • wrinkle release spray (a must)
  • pajamas
  • anti-parasite supplements
  • emergency sewing kit
  • belt with small purse attached (a makeshift/much funkier fanny pack)

I'm sure I'll fit a few more things in there by week end. I want to have some snacks for the plane and I'll need my Shaker cup. I'll squeeze that into my purse.

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I am so proud of you! And a bit envious bc you know I love a good journey. Please journal thru all of it and post when you can. I have a great book for you to read. It was incredible and a bit of Africa connection too. Here is a blurb I copied from Amazon -- It is about a young Nigerian refugee whose very existence changes the lives of a group of English citizens in dramatic ways.
I couldn't put it down when I was in Mexico. I have it on my Kindle and I think there is a way I can share it but I am not sure how.......
Have fun! What a delight you are!!!
Hugs and love,

  Rondaq May 1, 2012 2:12 PM


oops.....I forgot to write the title....it is Little Bee by Chris Cleave. It is a bit sad and part of if is pretty intense - but I couldn't put it down and it moved me deeply. Hope you like it if you read it.

  Ronda May 1, 2012 2:15 PM


Thank you, Ronda! I'll definitely download it. Love a good intense, moving story! Love you!

  honeyknuckles May 2, 2012 4:16 AM


Hello! I'm having actually the same feeling that you express in this post! I'm going to Arusha in two weeks for 3 months to volunteer in a school. I'm very anxious and happy at same time! Your posts and photos helped me get a sense of what I'll find (though I have researched enough). Thanks and congratulations on your work there!


  Renan Nov 13, 2012 1:41 AM

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