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The Adventures of Quirky Finn A girl who laughs, talks, smiles and does the most random things in the world travels around her home corners and the entire world. Dreams and Thinks. These are the travels of a quirky Finn.

About hetahannaloviisa


The girl who travelled around aimlessly after graduation until she disappeared.


That would be something my tomb stone would say. I am a graduate who is trying to figure out what life has planned for her. I live to experience everything - good and bad. I try to learn from people I meet and understand how we have all become so distanced from each others cultures. In the past year I have travelled to Iceland, Germany and to my home Finland. I am currently residing in Scotland but will soon (September to be exact) be travelling to Nepal to do volunteerwork. This blog is my account of how I become more and more like a nomad and lose sight of where I am suppose to be...and I love it!