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My African adventure

Trip: Return of the African Queen

There are [8] stories from my trip: Return of the African Queen

And now the end is near ...

GHANA | Tuesday, 11 Jan 2011 | Views [355]

I can't believe it, but I'm leaving Ghana in about 6 hours time. I'm not sure where the time has gone, but it certainly has raced by. Gerald and Tayo left on Saturday and I've had some "me" time to relax a bit, meet up with some old pals and ... Read more >

Business matters ...

GHANA | Wednesday, 5 Jan 2011 | Views [357] | Comments [2]

I realise that I have almost not mentioned the business, the reason for my being here. Partly because it's still in its infancy and partly because I don't want to give much away! We've met quite a few people already, despite the fact that we've lost ... Read more >

Happy New Year 2011

GHANA | Sunday, 2 Jan 2011 | Views [359]

And so it's transpired that another new year sees me in Ghana. Who would have thought it, a year ago? Last year found me at Elmina with Kirsten and barely a damp aquib of a firework in sight. This year, I celebrated the new year with some fellow "... Read more >

I'll never moan about the state of my gym again

GHANA | Tuesday, 28 Dec 2010 | Views [508] | Comments [2]

So at 7 o’clock this morning, John, Gerald and I set out for the local gym, local being the operative word. And gym in the loosest sense but nevertheless it had all the equipment we needed, not to mention my own personal trainer, Bibi. He started off ... Read more >

The real start to my trip

GHANA | Monday, 27 Dec 2010 | Views [384] | Comments [1]

I don’t think I’ve been anywhere more than once – apart from the odd holiday destination in years gone by. But then I’ve never stayed in one place outside of the UK for as long as the 4 months I was here earlier this year. But to be able to go back ... Read more >

Written en route but uploaded now I'm here

GHANA | Saturday, 25 Dec 2010 | Views [342] | Comments [1]

What a completely different set of emotions I have as I sit on the plane from Heathrow bound for Accra. It was only a year ago that I ventured on my own to this distant country that I knew almost nothing about. Four months immersed in Ghanaian life ... Read more >

Weather didn't permit ....

GHANA | Sunday, 19 Dec 2010 | Views [343] | Comments [2]

Oh well, it was inevitable .... My flight has been cancelled. I'm now booked to fly on Wednesday - weather permitting! I'm coming back 2 days later than scheduled so in the end, I'll only lose one day. So what on earth am I going to do for the next 3 ... Read more >

No thank you British Airways

GHANA | Saturday, 18 Dec 2010 | Views [314]

Well it doesn't look like I'm leaving blighty just yet. Although I'm not due to fly till tomorrow, I can't somehow see BA clearing today's backlog let alone the runways, in time for my afternoon flight. Oh well, I had an extra 6 days in Ghana courtesy ... Read more >