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Happy feet, happy fit see the world, then change it

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AUSTRALIA | Monday, 18 August 2014 | Views [513]

My life has never been picture perfect nor has it been to my wits ends but its been fasinating and truly colourful. I have had experienced so much love that I will be so ever grateful for the rest of my life. I will not forget those people who have lifted my spirit up and have shown me what true friendship is all about. To give you more of an insight, I fractured my left foot in 4 separate areas and was on crutches for a few months and I had travel plans already set and this meant the world to me. I was crying myself to sleep and could not bear the fact that my passion in life has been demolished by an accident. I was taking strong pain killers not for pain but for the boredom of living my life with limitations. The best part of me, the star that gives me happiness in life, my escape from the harsh reality of life can now be described in past tense - travelling. I was stuck at home, reading, watching, and daydreaming of the adventures of yesteryear, I was depressed. Prior to the accident, I was also at my fitest aesthetics and I knew I could have done any adrenaline pumping activity I wanted but no, this was all altered by the fact that I had to be on crutches. I did pursuay my surgeon to let me go on this trip and he did let me. So I was more than happy to oblige to his rules and set out on a trip of more than 2 months. I was jumping into 4wds with one foot, getting up into ships on crutches, walking up and down the hills of San Fran, bearing the worst pain ive ever experienced- fear of missing on the fun of my travels. I developed anxiety and my worst enemy, my fear. I became a person of fear and I was not happy at all. I was scared that I made the wrong choice of travelling to america with a broken foot. I was not myself, I was debilitated and limited. I had no care of others feelings and was downright selfish. But there are people in my life that have surpassed the roles of a friend and have stuck by my side. My life is only worth it because there are people who have beautiful souls and they deserve to have a friend who'll be there when they need me. 



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