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Litrato. kwento. Pakakaibigan. "a self impose hardship, climbing is a humbling experience that something, hopefully by the end of the day makes me a better person we are not teacher out there,we are not eng'rs,we are not a lawyers we are all climbers"

From Mud To The Star 2008

PHILIPPINES | Saturday, 12 November 2011 | Views [698]


 Mt. madja-as traverse

Alojipan-flores oct. 23-26, 2008


Ahhh… everyone except niel , taking rest and the river beb near by alojipan lets say 20 minutes in a distance, their you can see the long neck man of the day as he say.. kampai!


As everyone as to enjoyed the gift of nature and commune with all its goodness we do have a guitar for peace. Heehaw and most do they wanted it ruins the silence of the night. Probably it won’t happen to bring an extra guitar maybe next time with bongos and a base drum. Nah! They are just making fan.

as u can see those 3 ati’s could melt you down turn you to a headbangging or even worst let you dance in the night. ( carlo,biboy,noel, L-R)


 We take refuge for the night at the brgy. Hall of alojipan for a 1am jump off. They say that climbing mt. madja-as is strenuous and difficult climb. But for us as long as we enjoy it doesn’t matter how far we can reach on the trail it doest matter if we can set foot on the top, will conquer it nextime. We haven’t sleep on the first night of the climb until it was wake up call of 12mn and still we are up, we all just fix everything and are ready to start at 1am to begging the climb. At past 1 am we started to walk with most of the guys here are walking with a hang over yet with a smile in each face. We do all have? I guess. Heehaw. We start to walk as early as 1 am to avoid the heat of the sun in the open ridge of alojipan it would be better to have it pass before the sun is up and aside that we have much time to take it slow coz we do have a long way up to the campsite. Most of the laughing moments happen on the trail some laughing out loud seeing your buddy has a height frightened. hahaha lester kaw gid to. hahahaha


The night is the night for el terrible. The socials before the climb.

 They seem too tired but they are not. They just wanted to say “ gutum na ko pard” hahahaha .Front-back: carlo,renel,neil,edz,riza,micheal,white.bing.

Riza on the side of madja-as mountain ranges. Damul eyebag ya!.

  The island of mararisn on the near left and on the far right is the island of batbatan

 The guitar man strumming his strings for the last sound he can play for the climb. Heehaw it was on the last open ridge before he turns out to a live concert climb. Don knows what I mean but it takes three to enjoy the climb with a guitar man on trail. Heehaw peace.

The smile on every face of us. After a 10 hour walk in the open ridge we find ourselves under this bamboo portion for our breakfast. We reach this place at 9am since we head the jump off at 1:30 am. But as everyone smile to continue our trek. I was fooling a while ago it was not the last strums of the guitar man as u ca see,,,

The 1st 10 footer open sheer drop ridge...mm? di pa ni amu to.

 Nung jelly tail guide for the smoke on the ridge.

 The campsite at the boundary of aklan and antique. We reach the campsite at 4:30pm it was wet and the rain continues to pour down.  Not to bad for us to walk 13 hours. Fast forward. heehaw

Morning of October 25th.

 The father and sons

The tour guide


 We leave the campsite at past 12noontime to back track back to bry. Alojipan as we all agree to canceled the trek to the peak as weather condition is stil the same foggy campsite rainfall continues to cold us as we descent we at started to to break to two the leadpack and the mid combined and the swept remains walking slow descending, it was awesome! Ga kudug man japun ang iban hahahahaha  istorya lang kun ka inum wala na lakton ya lang ang ridge? Hahaha istorya a. at swept are forced to rest and sleep at the small flat surface at 9 in the evening along the trail. We just laid our trapal as gropundsheet and also trapal for our blangket hahahaha tinamad mo. Leaches are everywhere damn! Sayang ang karate lessons ko if I couldn’t kick this sticking leaches.  Sometimes at night when leaches on renel damn he wud pull it and pass it to arhtur and Arthur pull it to his face and smack it to lester the same would lester  pass it to my face and I would pill it and pu tit to the head of nung jelly we are a pile of logs when one moves everyone change position.hahahaha  sleeping with very cold surface, wet feet cos we didn’? resulta ka tinamad kay kun nag set up b ka tent? But it was a very humbling experience since we haven’t eat our dinner and lunch. Like they say just keep on walking. And when worst come to worst it’s for better lester say. Right! We leave there at 4 am put our headlamp and slowly, surely start walking again and keep on smiling.hahaha talking what happen to the leadpack, the leadpack also reached their capsite at tay dimas ricefield at 12mn that’s when they start to rest while the 3, micheal,bing, carlo with tay dimas continues to the barangay alojipan they reach it safely at 3 am. While others remain.  All of us seen each other again unharmed at about 10 in the morning at the bgry. And start to tell its story... dulming but humbling.

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