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Litrato. kwento. Pakakaibigan. "a self impose hardship, climbing is a humbling experience that something, hopefully by the end of the day makes me a better person we are not teacher out there,we are not eng'rs,we are not a lawyers we are all climbers"

Trip: From Mud To The Star 2010

There is [1] story from my trip: From Mud To The Star 2010

From Mud To The Star 2010

PHILIPPINES | Saturday, 12 Nov 2011 | Views [723]

  Flores to alojipan traverse climb. march 26-29, 2010. special thanks to the 23 participants who share a enjoy and safe climb. to the sponsors of I.D namely Amy,Edz,Ola. Timoy Labandero for the Streamer. Lester de Julian for the certificate. Biboy ... Read more >

Tags: haji amsi, mt. madia-as, mt. madja-as