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Litrato. kwento. Pakakaibigan. "a self impose hardship, climbing is a humbling experience that something, hopefully by the end of the day makes me a better person we are not teacher out there,we are not eng'rs,we are not a lawyers we are all climbers"

About hajji

You scream in the Forrest with insects and animals, you build a carter in the presence of those things, you always feel something is there moving frightening you or making you happy. The Forrest thus play to us. The basic value of terrestrial way of life is belong to us of having a place. People they already know how to keep their planet clean, these is the way we should live. Were one's who are being endangered species. When we treat life forms with compassion and kindness, we need just to be open and let them feel us.                                       Photo by http://dapinoymag.wordpress.com Mt. Madia-as 2008