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Litrato. kwento. Pakakaibigan. "a self impose hardship, climbing is a humbling experience that something, hopefully by the end of the day makes me a better person we are not teacher out there,we are not eng'rs,we are not a lawyers we are all climbers"

2009 Marathon

PHILIPPINES | Saturday, 12 November 2011 | Views [914]

Almost there at the end of the year 2009! Where I’ve been since the start of the New Year? let me begin at:


January 1, it was planned at the night before the midnight of December 31, 2008. For New Year escapade at pande azucar, conception Iloilo, a steady 6hours travel by land and sea to the island. It was a bright year to start probably the happiest New Year that I ever start with a smile holding the bunch of flowers right from home here in antique have it extra gentle-fragile thing carrying all the to hapi’s hand at barotak Viejo. That leaving all of them at tagbak terminal and waited them at Viejo. Stuck up at the island for three days and at night the cottage is just beyond waves were hung in there by a storm. It was a parrarell island with tintin, tina ,riza and lester.The fresh cooked fish in the table means it was a good meal and a drinking marathon at the start of the dawn up to way back to Iloilo on January 4.


 February.. it was on the 14-15 when we climb mt. porras sibalom antique theme – friendship trek 09- the 28 trekkers of this event enjoy the grandeur of the park.


 March, I joined the CPUMS climb at mt. nangtud in barbaza antique at 2300 meters above sea level successfully summated with a grim of smile telling my self I will still be coming back for the third. It was the trek that I squeeze my sarong that I rap to my head and drink my sweats just to save water. The swept is always the lastteam to reach the campsite, coz we are.


 april, it was on the 2nd week that my back pack is standing next to my tent and on the 14 I travel to Iloilo for my boarding at NN to Cagayan de oro. It was all planned when the transportation means doesn’t be that fine to be the same with what I had. We reach along  with Rudyard og NMC also joining for the 30th MFPI at bukidnon at 3am of the 16. Weve been house at this private school which Julius of the host club NORMMS taken us and in the next room was the 5 climbers from davao whom I loudly raise my voice talking with Rudyard for them to wake-up.hahaha since we are very kind and nice friendly I go to their room and usually- shot mo bro- with a smile. I know they are tired but just being considerate that we are tired that them, I invite one of them gary, to come over to our room and have some morning views in life of course in mountaineering.i still remember it was past 5am when I cooked rice for breakfast not just for the two of us, but for 7 of us. Now that is just a simple as it was that you know them by name and I only remember gary at 3 am and in the past 3 hours we are now together sharing our meal. So many people I met in all different attitude, weng was nice the first climber I get along with a discussion on trail to kitanalad. The ribals of all times jay and Kat. The habagat boys I met them at 4th VMF also with one of the MSU climber. And dong the funny guy. It was a climb that being solo doesn’t always means boring. Damn! They are right but it was, it was more heart welming hoe be with others without worrying what would you say to anyone. Traversing kitanglad to dulang-dulang was silently piece of sliced pizza. You’ll love every bite. The most I loved was the socials. Hahahaha wearing my climbing clothes with all its mud and the Nazi smell of the earth, coz if they keep on hiding that the rain is pouring, bushtit!  They don’t seem to hear the mood of relaxing rhythms of reggame music in live band. Just wait! Bakal lang ko redhorse isa ka litro hold it,zip it in the middle of the dance floor taking a bath with cold rains in the evening and move my butt and now in dancing. I was there first. Hell I can do it.

May.. mm I might but am with mamang gema and her two budies and lester at lawi, guimaras. It was a one day island viewing of the beach and swim extra long swim at punta lawi. Disgusting that I’m sitting straight and suddenly just when head first on the sand. What? Tumapak na kasagutan!

June..  stephen,chad,ken and I trek to mt porras sibalom national park, sibalom antique.

 July, my comeback since ‘99 to Mindanao. From Iloilo-gensan-marbel-banga-lake sebu-davao-cdo( via buda)-cebu-toledo-san carlos-bacolod( via don Salvador)-dumangas-viejo-iloilo-antique. And that for nine days! Back at davao it was Friday night when kai and I waited weng whose coming all the way from tagum to davao. Hehehe they treated and take mo the some of good spots in the city. And a cup of coffee before we split up at 4 am. thank you.


 August, 21-23 when we climb mt. mandalaganin negros, a yearly event. Hehehehe did I take a nap to the middle of the dry lake. No I wasn’t drunk.



 September.. Miss ola,amy,renel and take our feet and traverse mt. porras and the side trip to camp eupre.



here's another road trip that might not be good enough to be followed for the next time, probably i would bring  for clothes to changed.hahahaha   funny but yacks! you don't change your clothes for the next 2 days.growlll and scratch it was two am to decide whether we go to roxas city, and finally we went!

October 18-24 chad and I leave Iloilo to conquer mt. APO who they say was high in adventure? Did it was? a.  I loved most of the climb was when I saw Gary lips shaking,   it was the first time I saw someone whose in deep cold shimmering and his lips are shaking. It was wonderful and I like the view of Lake Venado to be painted on my wall.  Guy’s mt. APO is not that strenuous or hard.  Just be humble to walk up there. And side trip to lake Sebu, when my heart stop beating as I watch my self that im now above those trees up to 250 meters  from the ground when all I can say as I hold my hand at the harness with great smile, keep repeating it. AWESOME!   zip im gonna be back again.

And on the 26-29 been a climbing partner of this Swiss doc, aw we trek fast at mt. porras traversing it in 6hours,  slow but stedy as he say. And trekking to the ridges of Barbaza, from Camp Eupre-Marigni-Tagum-Macalbag falls.  What a gift to us for all the landscape. It makes me a !

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