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May 12, Saturday, t+26

PHILIPPINES | Saturday, 12 May 2012 | Views [383]

Travis is gone. He was the last of the other site supervisors on project. Nate leave shortly. Matt is still trying to decide.
An me? Working very hard to get a handle on all of it.
Right now trying to design an inventory tracking system in Excel that makes some sort of sense with the crazy system of in/out/sometimes we know what building that stock went to/we've built more houses than we have been given inventory for. I'm going nuts. These systems really need to be in place before the need for the answers the systems provide about the almighty dollar must be answered. I mean...really.
Yet, at the same time if we waited until all the t's were crossed and all the i's dotted in a situation like this we'd never get started on the bloody project! At some point the command to 'Go! Go! Go!' must be given. Full steam ahead, damn the torpedos.
To make matters worse, the rebar crews have gotten 4 houses ahead of the rest of the construction. Hell, we don't even have the sites to build those 4 houses line out for us from Habitat/the City yet! So getting a handle of how much rebar we are burning per house will have to wait until we are breaking ground on building 20...damn near 1/2 way to our goal of 53 buildings! Now that's just plain silly. The first building we built should have been a calculation building. Then the 2nd and the 3rd would have refined that number. From there if we made any changes to the structure we could just track the quantity of materials those changes took, add them to the burn rate/building that we'd already calculated and viola!
I'm a little out of my element on this one. I mean, I know and understand basically what we need to do, and I can create a system for it...but slogging thru the backlog and trying to make it fit into a system while building the system is a big ask.
And I soldier on.
In other news: seems we've hit an early rainy season as it's been raining every evening for a couple days in a row now. Today the rains hit at around 2:30pm. I was walking down the street at the HfHp site and suddenly everyone was running...and people don't run around here - they look at me rather strange when they see me running from one lot to the other. I found out moments later why they were running. I went from dry to underwear dripping water down my inner thigh in about 15 seconds flat. I didn't have a hope in hell of running for cover. By the time my brain registered that it was raining, it was raining HARD, and by the time my brain registered that...well...it was all over. I could feel my socks soaking up the dribble running down my legs.
The septic tank hole being dug at building 10 was inundated with water when the city installed culvert alongside the road overflowed. That's the culvert that doesn't actually cluvert anywhere. It sorta just stops at our warehouse. So when the area next to our warehouse became a pond I thought 'hmm'. Walked around the corner and saw the water within about 5 inches of the hole but by the time I got back to the warehouse to grab a shovel and try to dig a trench to relieve the pond it was all too late. We dug the trench anyway...hell, we didn't have anything better to do since all legitimate work came to a screeching halt.
Another fun day in Cagayan de Oro! Tomorrow I'm going to slog thru that damnable spreadsheet if it kills me.

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